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  • well_off_and_well_connected well_off_and_well_connected Aug 12, 2013 4:17 PM Flag

    Question...about the Money?????

    What is the company going to do with the cash they just raised?

    Isn't the stock now undervalued with the cash on hand?

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    • this is a good question.
      they already bought most of the machines they need. only the 1-km RCE-machine might not yet be paid. they plan to build it by themselves.
      i think STI intended to show the shareholders that there will be no further need to raise money.
      and they also have the chance to buy more machines whenever they are needed. my guess is that they might buy/build some more short-lengths-machines quite soon. they could already sell a lot 20-m-lengths for the current fault limiters.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • this board is heavily worked by mask_ipx_spx and silverbacka , both very much working to deter people to invest or even trade this stock.
      Only takes a few minutes to see their work on this board and ONLY this board.. ie they don't post elsewhere, telltale sign.. as is the harassing and name calling of traders and investors alike.

      SCON failed in the past BUT due to their processed have now extensive knowledge in semiconductor processes.. and they used that expertise on their superconducting knowledge....

      Right now they are on the verge of moving their newly developed superconducting wire from samples to commercial production volume....

      KEY there will be transition to 100m lengths... from the 10-20m sample lengths..
      IF they achieve that than they can easily switch to 1km lengths and with capital investment of 6-8mln make a 1500km annual production output line with revenue potential of 30-35mln.

      Is there risk?
      ye... but a lot less now that thye got 10.5mln in cash at hand again.

      Personally I like they BIG potential for their technology.....but at the same time inherent risk.
      So I traded it in the past... and sold as well on +100% due to delay in 100m.

      But I am reinvesting under 1.65 now.,... due to compelling risk/reward ratio for entering here under the unit price of 1.79 of the recent big placement

    • Management plans to keep themselves employed. STI has had one questionable profitable quarter since at least 1994. STI always has plans to become profitable, but each plan has resulted in failure. STI has had two reverse stock splits and ongoing dilution (See topic Dilution).

      The latest scheme to to produce High Temperature Superconducting covered connectors (wire), they've been working on it since at least 2009. Recently they've shipped some sample wire out for qualification testing. STI is about a year late shipping wire for a cable demo project.

      The latest cash raise resulted in about a 120% increase in stock (dilution). STI is having problems with its pilot production 100m RCE-CDR machine, been tuning it for about 10 months.

      STI has enough cash for about 11 months, they have yet to build a 1km RCE-CDR machine or produce commercial grade wire, it's a goal for 2013.

      Conference Call is tomorrow, should be interesting.

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