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  • readthis_n0w readthis_n0w Aug 16, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    ** DD Comments from august 2012 **

    This is a summary of SCON's august conference call update:

    CC comments: "New industry standard ... "

    -1500km projected 70 million revenue (in Q&A)

    -Heating element not adequate -up to specifications , but needs modifaction - Currently being modified.

    Will not hamper the 100 meter production thats needed for the test project end of year to which scon had commited the cable supply.
    Due to plenty template material , heat element does need to be modified prior to 1 km lenght production.

    Sufficient wire template available to fullfill commitments (!)

    -Rce (Mobile technology) Royalty based deal...thats news as well!!!

    (as i had pointed out before.. most likely business deal was royalty based).. GOOD NEWS imo.

    No need for investment and risk capital AND bigshots from mobile technology running wiht it now - high chances of finally see it used in the commercial market by Resonance.

    -SCON intends to leverage its other intellectual property as well without capital investments.
    To me that reads as try to sell or license their IP.

    -in Q&A Potential to capitalize on technology: Answer

    "Cryo-cooler technology , extremely high reliability , nr 1 signature of their approach.. continues to be a problem in industry in general, notoriously unreliable, ...they have interest from various directions to apply that technology in different places that could take advantage of the reliability)"

    "... We expect to have a technology that can allready be applied in different applications..., can take months of efforts and invesment to get commercial products from it"

    Scon than mentions they intend to see an industry partner who wants their design and is willing to invest into it, Possible and to be determinded AFTER that if they want to produce final item themselves or only license it.

    -in Q&A Demonstration project: After validation of the demonstration project they expect their cable to perform better than any cable on the market/.... (in the Q&A)

    During the demonstr

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    • slander, harass and only posting on ONE board, allways negative on either company or people... sell side goon. Its a buyzone here.. starter position 1.62. Will add more in size soon.

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    • Paid pumper readthis_pump loves reverse splits (1:10 & 1:12) followed by dilution as it can raise its posting rates.

      Good stocks don't attract paid pumpers, only stocks with sorry performance are paid pumpers required.

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      Reply to R/S , Low market cap, low float, weak hands gone... by readthis_n0w •Mar 11, 2013 3:10 PM
      readthis_n0w • Mar 11, 2013 3:39 PM

      "@r2d , i would have dreaded a small R/S... or one in say a months time...
      I totally had not expected it to be implemented this soon... but i like the 1:12
      will make the float small and less manipulation prone as the small price was before

      will sort listing

      and also easier to squeeze some traders for today , all depends on MM though on that last one"

    • slander, harass and only posting on ONE board, allways negative on either company or people... sell side goon. Its a buyzone here.. starter position 1.62. Will add more in size soon.

    • This is the 2nd time I've asked this scammer this question. It refuses to answer, because it will put it in the slammer like its boss, Mark Brown of IHub fame, readthis_scam is administrator of the scon board at the IHub pump&dump site.

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    • That's EXPECTED revenue, like "i expect the wire to be delivered before end of this month", didn't happen and still has not happened.

      readme_n0t is one of those pump&dump scammers from the IHub site that escaped jail time, for the moment, as it resides outside of US jurisdiction.

      Reply to ** New industry standard..... Hmmmmmmmmmm ** by readthis_n0w •Sep 4, 2012 4:35 AM
      readthis_n0w • Sep 9, 2012 10:52 AM

      "i expect the wire to be delivered before end of this month, might allready have happened, since scon commented it would take some 90 days for cable company to use the wire for a cable and scon commented demonstration project still on track for end of year 2012."

    • Grab the handle and flush this turd back down to the sewer.

    • and now AUGUST 2013

      " Our first commercial wire production suite is expected to produce 750 kilometers of wire per year.
      At today's market prices, this annual production volume would generate approximately $37.5 million in revenue for Conductus wire.

      Spot on projected revenue potential

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