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  • Im trying to figure your position out. You obviously know how to trade (I wish I could spot entry points like you have). But according to your quote below, you thought this company had loads of potential and recommened holding. But recently, you said the company is only good for "vegas money." So what has changed from your post below to now to not make this a buy and hold....

    "This company is doing the right things and the stock price will follow. What you are witnessing now is certain entities keeping a lid on the PPS via naked shorting, which is very commonplace in pinks, OTCBB, etc. As long as the company shows increased revenues and earnings, the PPS will follow and they will be forced to cover. Could take a while though (covering the naked shares) and it can be frustrating while holding through it. I have done my research and this company is for real. A 13mm market cap for this company is insanely cheap and it will be triple that over the coming months."

    With that said, my funamental analysis was fairly similar to yours. And with Dutchess being nearly paid off, I would think that your sentiment above would be even more true. Let me hear your thoughts.

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    • This company was a BUY at/neat .06 zone. I am still holding core shares. Money can be be made by trading around the core holding. .09 was "THE" spot to unload some traders as that is where MAJOR resistance is. No surprise it got slapped silly from that spot. Watch for another entry point for traders (.08 might turn out to be a nice spot). We will have to see if this is the start of a trend reversal...volume is fantastic today but don't be surprised to see another shake out...such is life in DA PINKS!

      One very important step in the right direction would be for Mr. Ferris to get on a listed exchange and off the pinks.

      As for the company itself, it does indeed have some REAL NICE POTENTIAL because its products are clearly gaining momentum in the LE community. The product is for real.

      "VEGAS MONEY ONLY" goes for ANY PINK SHEET STOCK. No higher risk plays out there than a pink sheet as they are easily manipulated and more importantly, the financials are not regulated. However, from my research...the reported sales/revenues are for real with this one...and that is a very big plus at this stage.

      Good luck!

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