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  • nomad_celcius12 nomad_celcius12 Jun 9, 2010 4:17 PM Flag

    VTSI - Top is in

    MACD already in overbought territory just as the PPS kissed .06 (200 dma) major resistance level. VTSI has topped, folks and should be in the .03 to .06 range for quite some time. One cannot successfully trade this one right now because any amount of selling, no matter how small, has the specialist dropping the bid by 50%. Tried for a quick scalp under .05, but no problem buying a very small black, but BIG problem trying to sell. Adios VTSI...nice knowin' ya!

    Like it or not, VTSI is dead money for the foreseeable future and the CDF crew is still very much in control. With all the new hirings (READ: NEW EXPENSES), VTSI will most certainly begin showing a string of losses now until such time they can beef up sales (which they are tryign to do with the new hirings). I would venture to say this co. is 2 years++ before making any real run at consecutively higher rev's/earnings...and that is a gamble in of itself. Good luck gang!!

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    • remember?

    • "nomad isn't psychic...."

      You sure 'bout that? I am when it comes to VTSI my friend...not sure how much more "proof" you need! LOL!

      Look weeble, you have been hoping for years that one day you'll wake up and VTSI will somehow announce a "huge order" for the military...ya'll have been hoping and praying for that for YEARS. The sooner you accept THAT SIMPLY IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN (a little bit of research will tell you that), the sooner you'll be able to focus on fundamentals and yes, TECHNICAL ANALYSIS on buy and sell points.

      Sorry to be the bearer of REALITY for ya, weeble...but you continue to look downright foolish with your fantasy land predictions. Come back down to earth and you will see why VTSI is fully priced here at .03/.06.

    • nomad isn't psychic. One large order is all it takes. There's no way of knowing whether it will come out next week, next month, or two years from now. But all of the hiring is possible and one big order will send the PPS much higher.

      Nomad has already admitted he buys low and then flips.

    • "That was a last gasp by Dutchess. The chart's looking pretty good recently."

      You tell 'em, darkocean...GO GET 'EM TIGER!! ;-0

    • That was a last gasp by Dutchess. The chart's looking pretty good recently.

    • I don't like putting any money into companies that have lost money every year in the foreseeable past, as well as decreased revenue for each of at least the last 5 years (GNVC). Not to mention the 33% share dillution in the last year. Call me crazy, but I don't depend on chart analysis.

    • "This looks like the bottom, folks."

      L-M-A-O!!! You are a glutton for punishment. Not only did VTSI hit .04 "like Nomad predicted"...but it tagged .035, genius!

      .06/.07 is a 500 ton wall of resistance for VTSI and it won't be going above that mark ANYTIME soon. Sorry to throw you pom pom wavers yet another dose of reality. CHARTS DON'T LIE, kiddo.


      Di any of you pick up GNVC like I advised the past two days? Taking off today :-)

    • .06 seems to be pretty strong resistance the last couple of days though. We need some big volume to bust through it, then I'll be happy.

    • I agree. The vast majority of downward pressure has been very large blocks, must be institutional, as it doesn't appear to be insider. It's hard to imagine a large holder selling all their shares for a profit at .05.

    • "I would assume he's trying to get the weak hands out of the picture."

      Sure, but to have any effect, he would have be to half way realistic. Saying that 20K shares sold is going to crash the price just makes him look like an idiot.

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