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  • demi_glaze demi_glaze Jul 22, 2010 10:24 AM Flag

    Death Star

    Oh My GOD!
    I had no freaking idea..that the DEATH STAR was hovering over this stock!
    I'm tell you better sell
    RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
    I remember an incident when i was a young boy .
    I awoke one morning ,looked out my window..and there it was! A DEATH STAR hovering over a local business that employed most of the grownups in our small town.
    Within a month The men in our town had developed open sores , rotting flesh surrounded their eye sockets ... It wasn't till the men gathered one night and burned that evil place down that the DEATH STAR disappeared.
    SELL my friends SELL..

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    • he-he
      Nomad you are such a .......nitwit...
      Look in the mirror...your the only one pounding the table..
      Call your Mommy young lad.... And calm'll be shaving before you know it.

    • Once again, the resident cheerleaders are completely MISSING THE POINT. The "sell" was when the ma's crossed, genius. The "buy" will only be when the 50 turns back up thru the 200.

      You kids continue to amuse...the company could announce a BK and ya'll would still say, "This is a steal down here!!" LMAO.

      Ya'll are missing some fantastic gains in bellweather stocks while you watch paint dry in VTSI ;-)

      Looooong wau to go until it gets back to .12 (that's only a 200% gain from here!!). Be prepared for a string of reported LOSSES, kids. VTSI does not have the sales to support the new hirings and that will be a big drag on earnings. This is basic fundamental analysis...but ya'll can;t see it because you are so emotionally attached to the stock. Think of it this will EVENTUALLY learn a very valuable lesson when its all said and done. Hehehehe

    • Haha. Don't even need to look farther than the S&P500 right now to see how "well" the death cross holds up. 50 DMA crossed below the 200 DMA on July 2nd. Immediately after that day the market went up for 7-8 straight days and is now sitting nearly 10% above where it was that day. Some impending doom that was.

      An article came out around that time talking about the history of the "death cross," and it said in the last 30 years or whatever, that the market is actually up 0.4% on average one month after the cross, and up something like 1.5% three months after. Come on. By the time it crosses, the damage had been done. Humans are engrained by nature to look for patterns, even when there isn't one there, and the market is the holy grail for pattern-seekers. I catch myself doing it as well from time-to-time, so I can't say I'm immune to it. But it hardly ever means anything.

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