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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 24, 2011 8:43 PM Flag

    It is so simple.....

    Buy VTSI now and keep buying, it will pay off handsomely! I added another 100k shares today at .08.

    All you have to do is ask yourself a few questions and look at the numbers, actions, and forward prospects.

    1. VTSI revenue and net income growth is approx 50% per year, yet PE is about 10. About 1/3rd of what it should be based on growth.

    2. VTSI PS ratio will be about 1.5 in six months which is extremely low given the growth rates and profit margin. The stock price must go up.

    3. VTSI forward prospects are strong with the GM deal and improving economy.

    4. The Reverse Split is going to ENSURE the market notices VTSI performance. All you have to do is ask yourself whether you would be more likely to notice, be impressed, and act on an improvement in earnings from .6 (2010) to .9 (2011)cents per share or from 60 cents to 90 cents? VTSI growth will no longer be hidden!

    5. Based on the CC, it seems obvious 2011 is going to be huge and VTSI will be on NASDAQ within 18 months.

    6. The most bullish indicator of all is the couple (or one) pro bashers that recently appeared on this board. They are pretty good at what they do and are here from only one reason keep the stock low while they or their customers accumulate shares. The clock is ticking.

    ...and no, I'm not a slash-n-burn guy, just not much time to post these days.


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    • ...and by the way, I just listened to the entire cc and all I can say is WOW, very impressive. The openness, the good answers to all questions asked, just the fact they were willing to take an hour+ of questions from shareholders was truly impressive.

      These boys have a plan, they've shared it with us, and are well on their way. all VTSI owners will be well rewarded from this level.

      My guess is we will be trading in excess of $30 in one year and be on Nasdaq within 18 months.


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