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  • Stsrfire Stsrfire Dec 21, 2011 11:23 AM Flag


    Why is VIrTRA down 15% today?

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    • The release was vague, is it costing $, what kind of position has Miller taken?

      PR states Miller usually works with listed companies - I did not recognize any company listed on PR's back to 2006

      I spent considerable time on Miller Group website; VTSI was only PR of an engagement for 2011; check tombstones/ case studies and then draw your own conclusions

      Just basing my opinion (which is all it is) on information that is publically available on website, for me did not convince me it is a plus

    • Why would you have passed after the Miller PR came out? You don't think having some outside management consulting is a good development for the company? Many investors have expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the way Ferris has handled the management over the last 10 years, so they are happy to see somebody to give him advice.

    • I don't have a crystal ball

      Problem with pinks is you need something to create volume - can come at anytime and be + or -

    • miragellc Dec 23, 2011 8:09 AM Flag

      also what price will you exit?

    • miragellc Dec 23, 2011 8:09 AM Flag

      How long b4 we see a pop to exit in your opinion?

    • With outstanding stock of 158M, 500K does not amount to much so not much of a concern to the big dogs

      I got in at 8 so basically will hang around for some pop which creates some volume to allow exit - until then $40K of dead ammo

      Miller Group announcement came after I took a position, had events been reversed I personally would have passed.

    • RE: your 500k shares.
      You could write a letter similar to an activist
      style letter to Ferris (the wheel) Bob.
      Copy it to the board. In the letter state that
      there is little confidence his leadership will
      lead to investor equity appreciation. One does
      need to have a sizeable percent of stock in order to carry weight..say 5% or more.
      Oh well, it's fun to dream.

    • A CEO can not and will not provide anything of substance in a private communication.

      My point in recommending an email to the CEO or IR is to let them know your questions and concerns and remind them that there are shareholders out there who they are supposed to answer to.

      Too often, execs and leadership teams forget about people like us.

      Now, an annual shareholder meeting is a different story. Great place to ask pointed questions and get substantive answers. Hopefully several of us will be able to attend the next one in AZ.


    • How can a CEO provide anything of substance to an individual investor in a private communication?

      More questions now than there were 3 months ago, and stock price is reflecting that:

      Is Miller relationship significant or is it just two Arizona golf buddies? If you check PRs for Mller Group for last several years there is one pink client that lists at 1 cent and some private companies - as many releases about scholarships as new clients- How big of stake has Miller taken? - seems like that would be a nice to know. Would assume less than 5% or would require disclosure which means it is probably significantly less than $500K - to me not a biggie

      Opening of Florida office - Why? IS there a potential link with ID; why did new employee leave ID just when ID is rolling out $57M project in which it appears he was a key member of winning that business - my hope is there is real business potential and not just some promise of greatness

      With all the "good news" stock has trended down, new business PR's appear to have slowed, and expenses could potentially increase with audit expenses, staff expansion, shows,and new office.

      Would be nice to understand why a new position of Director of Technology (appears like a corporate job) would be filled in Orlando.

      In for about 500K shares which seemed safe when agency sales seemed to be increasing, a lot less comfortable now.

    • Can you say, "Market Manipulation"? That is a trade that doesn't make any sense at all. It is a stupid sale unless it is for a tax write off, that they paid way to much for years ago and as a purchase, we all know this thing is years away from getting past $0.12, so it is a stupid purchase as well. Go figure.

      Merry Christmas to all and to all a good investment!

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