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  • c54whereru c54whereru Apr 3, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Less than $9 million in sales

    and these PR firms always give us dumb readers the same BS@#t. Like this one: In addition, the Company continues to build on its best-in-class product and service reputation with military, law enforcement and commercial customers throughout the world. The world? With tens of thousands of police departments here in the USA one wouldn't think expansion around the world is necessary. Expansion here would be enough thank you.

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    • $9mil in sales......but market cap is only $6.6mil. Perhaps a reasonable value if this were a zero growth, profitable company, with decent balance sheet......but they are steadily growing and have a ton-o-potential.

      Biggest problem is 158mil shares. They must do a 1 for 10 or 1 for 20 split to get this down to 15.8 or 7.9mil shares. Otherwise their profitability improvements are hidden by the tiny EPS numbers. For example, they had 100k in net profit in 2012 and lets say they do 700k in 2013. What headline would you rather see....EPS goes from .063 cents to .44 cents!......or, EPS goes from 1.26 cents to 9 cents!

      Many investors can't even buy a penny stock in their brokerage account without going through red tape preapprvals or large commissions.

      The 1 for 20 would also get the share price to $1 which would make the company more credible in the eyes of potential customers....especially the big ones.

      I'd also argue that it would make a ton of sense for insiders to make some significant buys AND for the company to borrow as much money as they can and buy back and retire shares. A lousy $1million would reduce share count from 158million to 140million. Helpful.

      All this was discussed a couple years ago but 40% of the shares were/are? held by idiots who voted no.

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      • A share buyback would be nice, but if they are going to borrow the money to do so, that borrowed money would be better invested in expanding their product offerings - maybe even a new product line that will break in to a new market for them, or make their products even more cost effective,

        An example would be a larger simulator experience, where instead of a building entry scenerio, a larger battlefield scenerio for multiple fire teams to co-ordinate their efforts. This could be achieved through increasing the networking capabilities so that two (or more) of the simulators could be sharing the same outdoor scenerio, and one team could be corering the northwest corner, where the other team is stationed at the southeast corner of a perimeter, for example, allowing for a more realistic military style of training for the troops, way beyond entry and securing of buildings where external cover is provided for the actual entry and exit of the breach team, such as you would have in taking an enemy leader hostage. This scenerio is also more realistic in police SWAT operations after negoations have failed and a sniper shot is not possible, where one or more teams secures a perimiter to prevent the suspect from escaping while a seperate team makes entry.

      • If they stuck with the $100k cap of income from employees they would show over a $500k profit.
        Whatever reason after agreeing on the pay increase they should've included those insiders buying shares of the company. Then as your mentioning the outstanding shares would be much lower.

        In your situation at least they haven't increased shares over the last couple years.

        They got rid of the Dutches but also the manipulation that came with it. Back in the day when the ride was from under .02 all the way to .135 cents.

        Now it's just trying to prove they can sell product and it's difficult for them being a penny stock.
        Those still holding that didn't agree to the R.S. most likely will vote no all over again since the pps is even lower then when they voted the last time.

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