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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab May 9, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Sort of interesting day, finally a day where

    about 1% of total shares might trade....1.3mil so far and a few hours to go. Only depressing aspect is that there is a person or persons willing to part with their shares in the 4 cent range. That said, there are many stupid people in the world and no big surprise that at least a couple/few of them own some VTSI shares.

    My guess is VTSI trends up to the 7 or 8 cent range over the next month or so. Cheers.

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    • They were anticipating the Q1 results - I think we had the typical penny stock earnings runup and selloff, without the actual earnings report!

      I think earnings are due tomorrow - 45 days from the EOQ, right?

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    • As negative as I have been, I traded a small part of my position and ended up increasing to 650K shares today - (120000 at .043 and 85000ish at 0.045) had sold some the two prior days

      Willing to add another 350K (will stop a 1M) in the .042-.043 range on the speculation that soon Miller will surprise us with a strategy that actually has an impact on PPS - it must be getting hot in Phoenix so maybe time to work some extra hours

      Company has a unique product that fills a need, has better OPEX over traditional technologies, and can be justified with a decent ROI. Once they clean up the distribution network and get it selling some units - maybe drop some of the bottom end that seem to be partners in name only (come on Sales management - put some tough performance levels in contracts), upgrade their sales staff, and establish some beneficial partnerships with the big guys - we could see some increases in price.

      Nice winning a $2M bid that might take 18 months to pay off - but we need sales this quarter, next quarter, every quarter and a steady increase in high margin upgrades, service contracts, etc that should have a lower cost of sales

      Still not sold on maturity of management team, PR relationship, or ability to communicate - but it is only a tiny pinkie with a $6-7M market cap

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      • How many shares do you think are locked up by people like us? About ten years ago the stock would spike everytime there was an announcement. It would go from 20 cents to 40 cents and so on, then slowly fall back down. Do you think there is just no one trading the stock anymore? Everyone is just holding, waiting for the price to go up? Or is it that they are no longer on the NASDAQ?

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      • Your 4 cent shares will pay off, those are good buys. I have a little over 1mil shares and will not trade around the position, will simply wait for as long as it takes. I probably will not add any more either. I think visibility and trading volumes will rise as revenue goes over 10mil and then when it crosses 20mil. I agree with your sense of the "maturity of the management team", that is a good way to say it. I've said it before, I think the company and us would all be better off if Ferris focused solely on the product and they brought in a seasoned CEO to run the company.

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