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  • bigdataplay bigdataplay Dec 3, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    What a little PR can accomplish

    Check out IAALF - similar to VTSI in market cap, volume, etc

    Announce working with Lockheed on qualifying an alloy

    And stock jumps 60%

    Isn't LM a VTSI partner?

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    • sad--when we hit 6 cents it feels like Christmas. How many of us sit around and calculate the fantasy of this stock being at what... 1 dollar?? Let me light the bong again...

    • No doubt about it. Pretty easy to see VTSI pop to 10 or 15 cents on significant news. I would also guess we could wake up some morning when we least expect it and see a PR saying that Company XYZ is buying VirTra in an all-cash deal for $35million......20+cents per share. Or maybe a PR saying VirTra has agreed to license their return-fire patent for $1million per year to LM, we expect to use proceeds to buy back and retire VTSI shares. Or ...or.....or. Lots of possibilities for a profit generating, cash generating, top line growing company with zero debt and a sort of cool product. It WILL happen, just not a clue WHEN. Sigh.

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      • Is this no-pr strategy new since Miller was brought in to run what I would guess is the strategy for the company ?

        Would think CEO, or his family, would like to enjoy some of the value he has created and do a little promotion

        Does not seem like the salary he is taking is sufficient to live the good life - but it is Arizona

        By the way IAALF hit more than a double - wish I had that in my portfolio

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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