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  • greendog03 greendog03 May 23, 2012 10:44 AM Flag

    The days of making money on wall street

    are slowly slipping away unless you get valuations a lot lower. Its funny when the pundits tell you how great the markets have been the last 3 years. yeah, you got back to even and now you going to lose it all over again. Mean while never in the history of the stock market have companies used their stock as a way of giving out so many stock options that just dilute stock holders equity. the best days of the market were back in the 50 60s 80s even the 90s before these companies got stock option crazy diluting the hell out of a company. imagine the earnings of a growing company that never issues stock options. you find a company like that and you'll make money. oh wait a minute, I think Mlab was once like that, hence the growth of the stock price. Now look at the insider section on yahoo plenty of options now being given out. Then you add in a large acquisition greater than 2 times sales. In my opinion they over paid, but with limited information, of course. Now, you begin to see a company thats swinging for the fences instead of hitting singles and winning the game.

    I really think we need a crash in the markets to get back to the real basics of investing. And the action in the stock market the last 6 weeks reminds me a lot of 1987 before the big crash.

    That's my 2 cents for what its worth if anything.

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    • Greendog, I hear you. I can only hope there are real performance benchmarks (i.e. increased shareholder value in exchange for the dilutive effect) on those grants.

      On another matter, we will have to wait till the annual to see how much stock they bought back in FY2013 under their buy-back plan. I like to watch that as a barometer of managements intentions to follow through on promises to boost shareholder value. Also, I rather expect the first qtr's (FY2014) sales comparisons will look real good with the new Bios buy, but then again that is also the report that will show the debt they had to take on (first ever if I recall correctly).

      Judging by the markets activity, apparently some folks don't like what they are reading and hearing, but I still say it's a wait and see. What mgmnt does with the new buy will tell us more about how good they really are. They loaded up with debt to get this one, let's see how they make it produce, another couple quarters will tell us a lot more.

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