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  • itswhatsintheboxthatcounts itswhatsintheboxthatcounts Oct 7, 2008 11:47 PM Flag

    LOL this is what happens when you have Walmart sales reps attempting to sell cars...

    PVR stands for profit per vehicle ratio . He is stating that he has a front end profit average of $ 2400 per vehicle on 24 sales . Now lets review what he said in November .

    " Thank you Carmax for going back and finding something in my background check 20 FRICKIN years ago?! I now am on the desk at a POWERHOUSE TOYOTA store making 250K a year vs minimum wage " .

    Today he claims the large " PVR " is from leasing Corvette ZR1 S . First off Powerhouse Toyota does not sell Corvettes . Secondly, leasing has been over for the past 6 months .Thirdly according to Corvette Forum the average commanding price of a Corvette ZR1 is at $ 75000 over MSRP which puts the PVR at $ 90,000 with holdback . $ 90,000 divided by 24 units is $ 3450 and that does not even include the other 23 cars he claims to have desked . Liar Liar pants on fire ! Wait , he'll probably tell us now that he switched to a GM dealer . There is absolutely no GMAC leasing available and the Corvettes are being sold below cost so the PVR is ZERO . Nice try liar . Go back to washing cars

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    • 75000 over MSRP?!?!? Try 40. We HAMMER customers and dont sell to internet mooches that want to pay below invoice. We're superstars vs ticket takers. Again, when I have my yacht on the golf course knocking back champagne and playing with Tiger, I will once again than KMX!

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