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    • You wrote:

      What is with AMKR's strength
      today? I wonder if this is just short covering as one
      poster suggested. This is remarkable for such a bad day,
      but it's about time for this stock to wake

      I don't know. I do know that for the period I've
      followed it (close to a year now) this stock has never
      followed a regular pattern. I have a few theories
      regarding this, none substantiated:

      + This stock is
      widely viewed as a safe haven in times of trouble.
      Everybody knows it is still deeply undervalued (I believe
      it would be "right" if AMKR traded at 40 around
      Christmastime) and nobody expects it to go down and stay down.
      Many people play with sexier stocks (e.g. internet
      issues) when they look like they are going up. But they
      turn to the solidity of AMKR and the like when things
      look down. September and October are traditionally
      down times in the market at large. Therefore I expect
      there to be upward pressure on AMKR.

      + There are
      8M short shares right now. Some of the shorts
      holding (is this the proper term?) these shares are
      doubtless frightened. I know if I were a short, I would
      cover right now, rather than trusting to SSB to bring
      the stock down again. Frankly, I don't know who
      believes SSB anymore among the holders of this stock --
      the weak hands have already folded.

      + The PRU
      upgrade may have got some people buying.

      + It is
      widely anticipated this stock will soar once AMKR
      "proves" itself by posting good to stellar Q3 earnings. It
      is possible some major players are rotating their
      money into AMKR in anticipation. Indeed, I have seen
      such shifts in stance a month or so prior to every
      major valuation increase I've witnessed.

      In the
      end, though, your guess is at least as good as mine.

    • Yes, I think it does. Sort of. I used to be a
      pure value investor, Columbia Gas System, GPU,
      Carbide, etc, but I caught the momentum bug with SCUR - I
      got 50 shares at the IPO and flipped them the first
      day. I made a thousand or 2 and it has been a struggle
      ever since. I wish I had stuck to my guns but those
      big run ups are too hard to ignore. It's greed I
      suppose. I don't have hard and fast rules that I stick to,
      although I'd probably be better off if I did.

      far as I've looked at your picks, I especially like
      nmgc and cdn.

      As for mine, I'm not really crazy
      about anything now but I do own some ODP - just bought
      it and some MCK - again just bought.

      older I get the less I like the lower priced issues,
      but I do own some IMAT. Great product but poor
      management. Poor management will kill a great product every
      time. I do hold out hope on this one, however.

      What is with AMKR's strength today? I wonder if this
      is just short covering as one poster suggested. This
      is remarkable for such a bad day, but it's about
      time for this stock to wake up.


    • your investment mentality closely tracks mine.


    • do the research.

      Market down, AMKR up!

      Thanks again,


    • Thanks for asking, I am

      Unfortunately I don't have very many picks at the moment. My
      criteria are as follows:
      + High tech -- Simply because
      this is what I live and understand, as I do not
      understand, say, purveyors of gasoline or coffee house
      + Leader in field
      + Very undervalued at present
      -- If I don't think a stock will be 3x in a year I
      won't touch it.
      Right now this is a hard combination
      to find. I have a couple in hand:

      (IOM) -- You see these drives everywhere, you don't see
      much of their competitors, yet the stock is trading at
      1/8 its peak value. I believe recent losses account
      for this, and as soon as the company produces a
      profit the stock will be 3x its present value. I have
      some of this.

      Neomagic (NMGC) -- They are
      perennially undervalued, despite being the graphics solution
      in the laptop space and turning out a profit quarter
      after quarter after quarter. I have a little in the
      hope that they may hit what I think is their natural
      value -- around $30 (they are at $8+ right

      Cadence (CDN) -- I have personally worked with them, and
      I know from experience they are a money-making
      machine. When then went down to $10, I was getting ready
      to buy some, but they bounced back up to $13, so I
      won't touch them because they violate my 3x rule -- I
      believe their natural value is $30.

      I hope this
      helps. Obviously you should do your own due diligence
      rather than taking my word for any of this!


    • it is the traders enemy.

      No position on AMKR currently.

      Watching, waiting...

    • I have stopped reading messages from Lisa and
      Sammy. I used to enjoy reading yours but unfortunately,
      lately your messages have been mostly low-grade
      exchanges with Lisa. Respectfuly, I ask to mark such
      meaningless posts with <OT>. Thank you in

      Regarding trading, we have fundamentally different
      strategies. I work for a living -- I do not have the freedom
      to keep my eyes glued to a Bloomberg terminal all
      day. Also, I am in an unfortunately high tax bracket.
      Consequently the long-term capital gains tax is extremely
      attractive to me. Therefore, my strategy is to hunt out
      undervalued stocks, research them to ascertain they are
      indeed undervalued, buy a significant amount of that
      stock and sit on it for at least a year.

      This is
      not to say your way or my way is right or wrong. They
      are just different.


    • <EOM>

    • that I'm wrong.... but lately I hope that all you assholes loose a bundle.

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