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  • roadrunner_kut roadrunner_kut Nov 14, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

    Let's see, that makes 10 down days in a row ...

    'hogdad999' I share your sentiments. Any company that treats consumers with contempt the way Zllow does will eventually fail. Zillow cannot impose its unwanted and inaccurate Zestimates on 110 million homeowners the way it does with no right of appeal to get erroneous valuations corrected or deleted purely as a gimmick to attract advertising revenues is doomed long term.

    Not only will the novelty factor diminish but the government will be forced to implement some form of regulation to stamp out such nonsense. If Zillow was smart they would manage such conflicts, but their arrogance doesn't allow intelligent thinking. In the meantime the executives continue to make themselves very rich selling stock to any unsuspecting punter believing the Zillow propaganda.

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    • The absolute reliance on, and confidence in, the use of digital technology and especially computer programming forces out all thinking, intelligent and otherwise...even when it has been shown time and again that the algorithm is nonsense.

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