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  • mottthepupil mottthepupil Nov 23, 2012 5:14 PM Flag

    OT - INUV

    I've mentioned this 1 before here, because the longs here understand internet commerce. INUV appears to be leaving the station and might be a fairly quick mover, even after today. I like Z at this price, and I love INUV, esp for a takeout at higher levels.

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    • Well that's a heck of a deal you got there, Moth. $14 down to a buck in five years, with a 1-for-10 reverse split to keep it out of penny-stock land two years ago? They get $12 million of new financing this year and after 9 months they've burned through about half that? Intangible assets roughly 3x shareholders' equity? You think a buyer will pay up for that? Take a look at the cash flow statement -- it's positive after nine months only because they stopped paying their bills in Q3!

      Sounds to me like you are behind the eight-ball on this one and you are trying to drum up some interest so that you can bail yourself out at a smaller loss. Keep pumping!

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      • mott, apparently donedd is holding you accountable for the previous difficult times that INUV had some years back. He may not understand the concept that small companies can survive, find a niche, and prosper. To be fair, his sarcasm skills are first rate, and no doubt he does a good living with those.

        I bought a small position at .89 last month when I saw your mention on this board, and 50% in 6 weeks works for me - I'll try to add more Monday but at present, it looks to open strong...

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