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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Dec 5, 2012 8:49 PM Flag

    Nice 2 Day Pullback on our Trip to "Fill the Gap"

    LoL seems that too many people are believing the Zillow propaganda and the constant reference they have to 'monetizing' mobile. Zillows mobile capability is 2nd rate, exactly the same as their zestimate algorithm is 2nd rate. Zillow themselves advised last month that 4th quarter display revenues will be flat which doesn't resonate with fundamentals of a growth stock to me. That's why the stock fell 25% after the earnings call in early November and why a class action has been filed for alleged securities issues.

    Last week Jim Cramer said "AVOID Zillow as already in declining growth and results less than stellar will keep stock being sold". Whilst I don't always agree with Cramers comments he is spot on here. He went on to say "Looking at Zillow specifically, the company grew revenues at a 117% clip last year, but for 2012 it's only expected to grow at a 72% clip and in the latest quarter its revenue growth was just 67%. "That's still very high on an absolute basis, but it's a major deceleration, and that's the kind of thing that makes growth oriented investors want to hit the road," Cramer explained." I don't think Cramer will be on the Zillow Christmas card list this year, even after the suck up interview that Spencer Rascoff did with Cramer a few weeks previous.

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    • You are SO bitter surbiton, I don't know if you would recognize objectivity if it jumped up and bit you. LOL! But it's ok, If enough people can be lured into shorting this stock, we may have one horrendous SHORT SQUEEZE on our hands once a federal judge throws ice water on all of the desperate greedy lawyers who've lined up like rats feasting on a dead pigeon. One problem; this aint no pigeon, it's an eagle! and it AINT DEAD!! BUY NOW, THANK ME COME CHRISTMAS!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Don't confuse standing up for principles with bitterness. I am very objective in my comments regarding Zillow and will continue to highlight their failings whilst they continue to publish a nonsense erroneous valuation on my home, in the same way as they do to millions of other homes and an absolute refusal to correct or delete incorrect zestimates.

        President Morsi in Egypt must be wondering how Spencer Rascoff gets away with this zestimate #$%$,as he imposes Zillows will across the nation when he is having so much trouble in Cairo with his constitutional reforms. A ridiculous comparison? Not at all when you consider the arrogance that Zillow demonstrates in forcing homeowners to accept its inaccurate home valuations and how it uses its 'cheerleaders' to promote the Zillow agenda with their vicious and hostile comments to any dissidents who dare to criticize the almighty zestimate.

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