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  • crapnebula crapnebula Dec 9, 2012 1:13 AM Flag

    Shorts Still out Spinning Fear, telling lies

    And you are about as gullible as a retarded preschooler on psilocybin mushrooms, if you believe what you wrote. Lawyers don't "insider trade", their investments are directed by fund managers operating of Switzerland, The Caymen Islands, Aruba, whatever ,yada yada yada....and THEY HAVE NO IDEA THAT THESE LAWSUITS ARE ABOUT TO BE FILED BEFORE (did I say BEFORE) the lawsuits are filed.. NO IDEA...*WINK *WINK !

    Pal, there will be NO "settlement" and you can take that to the bank. THIS #$%$ LAWSUIT has ZERO basis in reality, IT CANNOT BE WON and you can TAKE THAT TO THE BANK! In fact, the presiding judge is likely to take these clowns to task for filing a FRIVOLOUS complaint and fine them up the kazooo for WASTING TAX PAYER MONEY!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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