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  • example_4_u example_4_u Dec 12, 2012 11:39 AM Flag

    Surbiton, don't whine, don't lie, just cover.

    Im only tryin to help ya brah.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Example has played the game and lost, I wouldn't listen to this clown and his 30 aliases. He's a short fat zitfaced kid. Worthless african trash

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • 3 Replies to docx30
      • At least the #$%$ is consistent with his aliases, comments and style (well if you can call it that). What intrigues me is why anyone would even want to support the management dogma of a company that treats consumers so badly as Zillow does. When I saw the NRA guy on the news earlier justifying its position on gun control, I had a vision of Spencer Rascoff talking about Zillow and why zestimates can't be corrected or deleted when obviously inaccurate. Sad but true.

      • Thanks for your great "insight" genius. Now we find that the "downdraft" was a complete and total headfake and that the housing market for both new homes and homes for resale is taking off with a jetfuel primer. No thanks to you and "example4U", I went "ALL IN" yesterday. Example turned out to be a worthless "no example" and YOU? You just won the DOOFAS of the YEAR Award!!! Genius. Thanks for NUTHIN', "CHUMP"!

      • Agreed Surbiton,
        Doc is right, I bailed on this one today. Seems to be another short target. I lost 1.30 and moved on. My next venture is TSM and I will make every penny x 10 back there. So, "as you were" when I fist showed up here (whining). You and your pathetic lawyers can go WHINE to the judge later this month. Whine Whine Whine ....but AHH AHH! NO CHEESE FOR YOU! ...WHINER!!

    • I will have no desire to own or short Zillow shares.I post here purely to protest about Zillows bully boy behavior by refusing all reasonable requests to correct or delete the wildly inaccurate zestimate they have imposed on my home. They are fully aware of my complaint and claim a First Amendment right to publish any nonsense valuation they their flawed zestimate algorithm computes.

      If more homeowners took an equally persistent approach in complaining to Zillow they would be forced to adopt a more pragmatic approach to dealing with homeowner complaints instead of marching across private property in their jackboots telling homeowners that the the Zestimate is just a 'starting point'. Well I have news for Zillow; I have no intention of giving up my protest and will continue to highlight their arrogant approach as long as it takes for common sense to prevail and they correct they accept the nonsense valuations they impose with no basis of fact.

      The real question is what does Zillow hope to gain by imposing inaccurate valuations they way they do? What company has been successful by alienating millions of potential customers the way Zillow does for absolutely no sensible reason? What started out as a gimmick now represents the unacceptable face of get rich quick internet executives as they cash out $$$$$$$$'s every month selling freebie stock options irrespective of the misery they impose on homeowners.

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