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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Jan 30, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Why hasn't Zillow published monthly Unique User data since September data?

    It's simple; Zillow acquired Mortech and Hotpads at the end of 2012 and would now include the monthly users from these sites in its combined Alexa ranking. That in itself could be hiding a serious lack of growth for Zillow itself, and may explain why they rushed the acquisitions the way they did. Just my 2 cents. Until Zillow publish the user details on February 13th there will continue to be speculation how good or bad their performance is.

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    • So a stat is only significant when it supports your case (an extremely weak case in this situation)? You were the one that introduced the Alexa ranking to the discussion. How much did you lose shorting based on a seasonal data point?

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      • I have not lost anything as I have no position whatsoever in Zillow, and have made that clear many times. I have also stated many times that I am a Zillow cynic who objects to Zillow imposing a substantially incorrect zestimate on my home and refusing all requests to correct or delete their nonsense valuation.

        Whilst Zillow continues to behave in such an arrogant way then I will continue to question their business performance and share my opinion with investors on areas of weakness. It is "just my opinion", in the same way as Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff states that "zestimates are Zillows opinion of what my home is worth and that he has a First Amendment right to express that opinion". Well, I equally have a First Amendment right to express my opinion on Zillows shortcomings as a business and will continue to do so until Zillow understand that they cannot cyber trespass on 110 million homes and refuse to correct erroneous valuations when reasonably requested to do so by a homeowner.

        The Alexa rankings were introduced by "quickmovesmiles" in a thread started on Nov 16th and the data is just as relevant today as it was when he highlighted the dramatic fall off in Zillows Alexa ranking. Zillow paid $40m to close the Hotpads and Mortech acquisitions at the end of 2012 and one has to understand the number of users contributed by these acquisitions before knowing whether Z is improving or continuing to drop down the rankings on a like for like basis. With no information on the Zillow unique users published since September 30th it will be interesting to find out how they really are performing when they publish 4th quarter financials on February 13th. The fact that they stopped publishing monthly unique user data and rescheduled the planned January investor day just adds fuel to the fire that Zillow itself is failing to meet the growth expectations of a company with a P?E ratio of 212. Just my opinion of course.

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