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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Feb 15, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    Zillow launches "Zillow Dogs"

    So a major new initiative by the Zestimate comedians is Zillow Digs, with a patent-pending 'Digs Estimates' to estimate the costs of recreating actual kitchens and bathrooms. What a bunch of malarkey by the Zillow clowns. Do they seriously expect homeowners to use some nonsense algorithm after the fiasco of Zestimates with 10 million substantially inaccurate home valuations. Whats the next patent they plan? how to tie a shoelace? how to peel a potato? or more useful than Zillow Dogs would be how to wipe your butt - at least that would be useful compared to zestimates. Do they actually sit in a room and take themselves seriously when they come up with this BS? Does CEO Spencer Rascoff actually believe what he says when he passionately explains this nonsense on the appropriately named Motley Fool? or is it all a charade to make even more money from gullible investors?

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    • Reading the text of Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoffs interview with Motley Fool it sounds like the end of Zillow Dogs. Will anyone be surprised if this is the outcome of the 'kill decison' Rascoff is referring to? NO !!

      Smith: How do you avoid that "tech company cancer"?

      Rascoff: I think the biggest thing is I try to lead by example, by staying passionate and full of energy, and trying to convey that sense of energy and enthusiasm for the product to the whole management team and to the whole company. You try big things, and you fail fast. We try to do that at Zillow.
      Yesterday, for example, I decided with the team to kill a feature that we were really excited about. A pretty small feature; we were really excited about this feature six months ago, when we shipped it, but it's not getting the usage that we wanted yet. The data proves it. OK, let's pull the plug. Let's get rid of that feature and move on.
      That's a hard thing for companies to do, to self-edit, and it's very important to keep the pace of innovation alive.

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