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  • lloydbraun1 lloydbraun1 Feb 20, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

    Zillow To Get Bought Out!! Short Squeeze!!!

    You know that when 40% of float is short and stock price still goes from $23 on 11/15 to $44 recently, things are gonna turn ugly for the shorts really quick!!! Do you need examples? Maybe look at NFLX and SPWR. Do you know what happens when shorts get demoralized? Do you know what happens when companies like this go against the odds and grow? Do you know what happens to real estate related companies when real estate expands? The shorts panic!! TRLA is a short candidate, especially because of their lockup period expiration in March. Move, Inc is an old dog! Zillow is the gold standard [market leader/brand value/profitability], but the one thing that people fail to realize is that they will potentially turn into a Zillow/Yelp/NADA/BBB,Kelly Blue Book/Angies List hybrid. Their same model will transfer to all segments relating to real estate, cars, businesses, and others. People inherently like the quick and dirty Zestimates to look at, eventhough they aren't that accurate for 25% of homes. Another aspect that people forget is that this company is a blend of technological savviness, one of the highest rated companies to work for, and operationally efficiency[they are doing quite well for having such a huge sales force]. Furthermore, this management team is good and they know what they're doing. Having said that, I also think that Zillow is a buyout target while Trulia and Move are not. I wouldn't be surprised if they received an offer from Microsoft, Amazon or Google within six months. Why are they a buyout target? Because of all of the things I mentioned and first and foremost their current CEO Spencer Rascoff, a Harvard Graduate, named #13 on Forbes list of Americas Most Powerful CEO's 40 and under, worked in M&A for Goldman Sachs. , and sold Hotwire to Expedia. He has a proven track record of selling companies!!! And this is good for us longs, because we could easily get $3B for this company.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "One of the highest rated companies to work for"

      Not if you read the comments on Glassdoor which paints it as a sweatshop. Here is one persons comment

      "The company and culture was presented as a great place to work , with the opportunity to make good money. The truth is it's a glorified call center/telemarketing job. Days are always 10-12 hours, just to hit your minimum requirements. 150 phone calls; encoragement to come in early, stay late and eat lunch at your desk to continue working. The pay will never equal the amount of work you put in. 170% of quota will have you under 100k.
      It's very stressful and extremely unprofessional. Very noisy while on the phone. I have been told by customers that it sounds like a circus. And the turnover is outrageous!! Every other week, more empty seats for those who have been fired or simply quit.
      I would NOT recommend this position to anyone!"

      Exactly what Citron Research stated 3 months ago when they commented on Zillows lack of web2 credentials and that they threw bodies at tasks instead of using technology

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