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  • checking_here checking_here Mar 13, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    what is their business? Any one?

    pls. explain in detail.

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    • Advertising is all they are doing, these imbeciles are the takers not the makers.

    • They publish gimmicky home valuations called zestimates to attract advertising revenue. They claim to have 110 million homes on the Zillow website and that 100 million have nonsense zestimate valuations with 17% of them being more than 25% wrong. That means that 17 million homes, at say an average value of $200k, are valued erroneously by more than $50k.

      If that is bad then think of Zillows attitude to homeowners who request the inaccurate zestimate to be corrected or deleted; Zillow refuse point blank to correct or delete and arrogantly claim a First Amendment Right to publish any value they like without fear or favor. Just think of the misery and financial damage Zillow causes these millions of homeowners suffering from nonsense zestimates who have no recourse whatsoever.

      It is time that Zillow was subject to some form of regulation as they have proved they cannot be trusted to act in a fair minded way towards homeowners in their greed to attract advertising revenues and make themselves very rich in the process at the expense of Joe Public. Every other aspect of daily life is regulated by the Government eg SEC for Investments, FAA for Aviation, FDIC for Banks, FERC for Energy, FDA for drugs, FCC for communications industry, FTC for free and fair competition, etc. It is time a Regulator was established to protect homeowners having erroneous valuations of their property being imposed with no right of appeal.

      Back to the original question, Zillow claims to be a real estate media company - whatever that means.

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