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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Apr 3, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    Why doesn't Zillow CEO apologize for "lousy customer service" like Apples Tim Cook did this week?

    When I read the apology by Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding the poor customer service perceived in China with Apple products and how well the apology was received, it made me wonder why Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff is too arrogant to apologize to the millions of US homeowners for the misery Zillow causes with the substantially incorrect zestimate valuations they impose and refusing all requests by the homeowner to correct or delete the erroneous valuation.

    Not only does Zillow demonstrate extreme arrogance in this regard but they compound the problem by forcing any homeowner to make their complaint in public on the Zillow Advice web Forum where they are subjected to snide and snarky put downs by a handful of Zillow cheerleaders who have amassed tens of thousands of posts like this. How can any $1.7Bn Nasdaq listed company treat consumers in such an obnoxious way? They publish no telephone contact numbers, no online chat, no email - so the only way homeowners can express dissatisfaction with these nonsense zestimates is on the Advice Forum and be subjected to personal abuse.

    Spencer Rascoff portrays himself as a 'modern social media savvy CEO' but then behaves like a tin pot dictator the way he abuses 20 million homeowners who have zestimates on their homes that are more than 25% incorrect according to his recent interview on Bloomberg TV. Time he took a leaf out of Tim Cooks playbook and apologized for Zillows belligerent behavior towards consumers.

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    • You want them to be more like Tim Cook and less like Steve Jobs? With how Apple is performing since Steve passed away? Interesting.

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      • Apple is still the most admired US company with $130Bn cash, $400Bn market cap, 9.7 PE ratio and dividend yield of 2.4%. Steve Jobs was a visionary leader but he chose a pragmatist to take over from him. Tim Cook as COO under Steve Jobs, was a known commodity with his own way of doing things. Everyone knew Steve Jobs was a one off and irreplaceable and that Tim Cook would adopt his own leadership style to drive Apple forward. If that means apologizing to customers for the Apple Maps fiasco, or apologizing to the Chinese for appalling customer service then so be it. It was the right thing to do at the right time and demonstrates his recognition that no company can be successful long term if they abuse consumers.

        The fact that Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff is no more than a 'puppet' front man for Zillow founders Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink is no excuse for Zillow having one of the most despised Customer Service organizations of any Nasdaq listed company. Is there no depths that Zillow won't sink below in how they treat millions of homeowners who have concerns over Zillows legendary inaccurate Zestimates? Refusing all reasonable requests from homeowners to correct or delete wildly erroneous Zestimates is totally unjustified in any fair minded society and Zillow will eventually fail as a consequence of its arrogance. The points I raised in the original post are true, just look at the Zillow Advice Forum and read the numerous examples of 3rd rate Customer Service for yourself; how Zillow seems to 'outsource' Customer Service to a handful of Cheerleaders is inexcusable; how questions on zestimates are responded to with cut and pasted platitudes telling consumers to read Zillows explanation of zestimates are no more than platitudes than any meaningful attempt at Customer Service. This appalling record of Customer Service is Zillows achilles heel that will lead to its downfall.

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