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  • surbiton99 surbiton99 Jun 21, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Zillow Inside Sales Boiler Room environment

    Yet another seriously negative comment on Glassdoor about sweatshop sales mentality at Zillow as thet desperately try to sell Premier Agent subscriptions to Realtors

    "11-12 hours days with lunch breaks severely frowned upon. Basically, if you take lunch, it's nearly impossible to hit your "call time" of 210 min per day- That's time spent TALKING on the phone- not counting dialing, ringing, etc. Can you say micromanagement?? I loved my job at Zillow for the first 2-3 months I was there. I thought it was the best job ever. This seems to be the path of most Inside Sales Consultants. You are given praise and encouragement and low, manageable quotas during your 'ramping' period of your first 3 months. You literally "drink the Kool Aid" (or Red Bull, in this case) and think Zillow is the Best Place ever.
    Then Reality sets in, as does the stress, micromanagement, constant stream of emails about your talk time being too low. If you enjoy receiving 300 emails per day asking what you are going to sell, telling you to join the next of a never ending stream of call "blitzes," this may be the job for you. Still, I think 6-9 months seems to be the threshold for about 85% of people, hence the turnover rate. This is a HIGH burnout job.
    If you are looking at working for Zillow and not reading many reviews like this, consider this: I recently quit my position to take another job. Several people I that started in my training class have been let go. (Actually from my class of 18, only 3 now remain.) I recently learned that when they are let go for not meeting quota, they are offered a severance pay in return for signing an agreement to not post anything negative online about the company. It seems they are buying the silence of anyone who might say anything non-positive about working there. I signed no such agreement. Just thought you should know this if considering taking the position."

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    • So Zillow wins an award for being among the "best mid sized companies to work for" according to Glassdoor that gave Zillow a score of 4.2 out of 5. Interesting that Rich Barton is both Chairman of Zillow and Glassdoor, and that only a few weeks ago Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff started responding to the very flattering employee comments. It all looks stage managed as part of Zillows ego based self publicity campaign. What with the timing of Rascoffs comments on employee posts, and also the way the posts are from Seattle, Lincoln NE, Irvine CA and Seattle as if they were posted specifically to boost the score with Zillow being advised by Barton how to win the award. Just my 2 cents opinion on how it appears to me.

      Yes, I am a zillow cynic but nothing would surprise me from what I have observed the way Zillow operates. My experience is a homeowner with a substantially erroneous Zestimate, (there are millions of homeowners in the same boat when 17% of 100 million Zestimates are more than 25% incorrect), and even with such grossly inaccurate valuations Zillow refuse all requests by homeowners to correct or delete inaccurate Zestimates. For what purpose I cannot imagine but they obviously have a motive to behave in such a socially unacceptable way towards homeowners. It is time that our elected officials caught up with the technology and introduced some form of regulation on Zillow to protect homeowners from their Zestimate nonsense.

      I wonder how the ex employees who posted the comments in this thread feel abput Zillow being an 'Employees Choice Company' for 2014?

    • Seems that the Zillow malaise has spread from Seattle to the new office in Irvine, CA with one ex employee suggesting under the Pros heading "have an exit strategy before you start" , and for Cons "all you can think of".

    • For Software Development Engineers things seem just as bleak as for Sales employees based on this Glassdoor comment

      "This is a pretty lame company for an engineer. tl;dr - you will not get to make any decisions, you will not even be given any information until it's time for you to grind out some code, there is no sense of career growth whatsoever, and your coworkers will be lazy.

      Orders and all company decisions are handed down from the top. If their decisions are wrong, they'll fire some middle manager scapegoat and craft new ones without listening to their employees.

      Product managers will hangout in meetings and won't invite engineers even when they're discussing important details and information about the products said engineers will be working on. You will be told what to do, you don't contribute to the vision.

      Zillow has a lot of B-rate "senior" engineers who will stop any change, regardless if it's beneficial, to the code/stack. A lot of them are pretty lousy workers too. If you're not brought on as a senior hire, you will get the monotonous work. This is not the place for any sort of career (or personal) growth as an engineer.

      HR is trying to engineer the company culture, which means you have to do stupid things to entertain their whims and a lot of awkward, low-budget events happen around the office. Many people just take the opportunities to go home early, so much for the company culture.

      The finance department is very bureaucratic, it will take a long time to get anything, to say the least."

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      • Another Zillow Sales employee comment on Glassdoor about 'management narcissism'. Having NO contact with Zillow whatsoever I can relate to this comment purely from CEO Spencer Rascoff's inane posts on Twitter all day long. Does he actually do any work?

        "Management is narcissism on steroids - they made up the kool aid and drank it and shove it down everyone elses throat. The hype is all day long, lots of stupid pep rally type meetings. 10 hr days plus and encouraged, public scoffing at under achievers, You sit next to people who haven't sold anything all day yet their numbers say differently. If you can keep up hype you have a chance to do well, if you even look tired or disheartened, you are on your way out."

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