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  • Doggie1313 Doggie1313 Nov 20, 1999 8:33 PM Flag

    Where did they go?

    Looks like all the old cheerleaders have jumped ship!

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    • A fool I am not

    • Dogs of the Dow theory not doing so good this
      year. You may want to rethink buying for the dividend

      Think of the formula. As the stock price declines, the
      yield goes up. Great investment theory huh!

    • Great message!! I have been thinking of buying this stock--what do you think? The yld is over 4%!!!

    • SolarGard is a waterproofing and Roofing coating
      manufactured by an RPM company and is ,like all the other
      products mentioned ,used throughout the world to protect
      roofs and walls of industrial,commercial,institutional
      and private structures.Geoflex is the premier single
      ply "rubber Type" roofing system that is unique in
      it's self sealing seams. No seam adhesives are used.
      Been in existance for over 50 years,Invented in
      Germany, began being distributed exclusively by an RPM
      company in 1979 in America.Geogard is a liquid coating
      designed to renew old and out of warranty "rubber type"
      roofs as well as most other types of roofs. Hey, I am
      not picking on any "girls" or anyone else, it is my
      job to be at my computer a lot of the time because I
      am a distributor and retailer for many roofing
      products manufactured by one of the RPM companies.As well
      as other companies not associated with RPM. I DO NOT
      work for RPM or any other company. I own my own
      company, my wife is my secretary, ( I do not beat her) and
      we do not own a dog.( except for some stocks I
      own)It just happens that while, on accasion, I click to
      the RPM board, I see so many posts by people who have
      absolutely no idea what they are talking about when it comes
      to the whole RPM picture.The products that I
      mentioned previously ( and please believe me) these are
      only a very,very few of the outstanding products
      manufactured and sold throughout the world by many other
      superior RPM companies. If you wish to know the total
      picture, I suggest that you get a copy of the latest
      annual report of RPM and see for yourself just how RPM
      companies cover the globe. (Dryvit is only a small part of
      this giant).If you want a copy of the annual report
      call: 1-800-255-1136 and ask for one and they will send
      you one.I have spent half my life distributing these
      superior products and believe me,I am well past 21 years
      of age. I have no axes to grind with RPM or anyone
      else. I know this for sure. Give me a waterproofing
      problem and I will handle it with products manufactured
      by an RPM company and the building owner can forget
      about the problem. Dryvit came along many years after
      my first coming into the waterproofing business and
      I know absolutely nothing about it.You cannot find
      the products that I distribute in any "discount
      stores". They only have something in there to "sell at a
      low price". I sell waterproofing and ALL PRODUCTS ARE
      WARRANTED FOR 10 to 20 years. I am not involved in any way
      with "junk " products. Yes, I am proud to be a
      stockholder of the RPM Corporation. Best regards.Hydri_2001

    • I'm also waiting for your answer!

    • Excuse me, RPM companies!!! Don't waste my time
      with semantics. If I must to get your attention and
      the attention of the other non believers.....let's
      choose SolarGard.

      It is an automotive window film
      made by MSC/SFI, which is owned by MSC. It is made in
      San Diego and sold out of Florida. MSC was founded in
      1971 in Chicago, they manufacture specialty coated
      materials. Mostly specialty films, laminates and composites
      and coil coatings. Interesting enough, I will point
      out that MSC recently settled an SEC case regarding
      accounting irregularities in 1997. Although they didn't
      admit any guilt (they never do), they did agree to
      cease and desist and to get training for their
      personnel. In substance, in my mind, that means they know
      something was wrong. Apparently, the folks from T. Rowe
      Price don't feel the same way because they have a
      substantial holding in MSC.

      The only possible link to
      you that I could come up with is Edward J Vydra, 60,
      Chief Tech. Officer since 98. Only because the name
      looks similiar to your alias. I noted that Mr Vydra
      worked in R&D prior to becoming CTO, thus he is familiar
      with certain products created in that span (1991 to
      1998). I may be reaching on this last point regarding
      your possible identity, but the first part is

      To save time, I will not go into the rest. Congrats
      on knowing what RPM stands for. It may be the
      million dollar question on "so you want to be a

      Now get back to work and create some value for us
      shareholders. Remember, it is not nice to pick on girls.

    • I just don't read the boards every day and I
      don't post messages every time I visit the boards. I
      don't consider myself a cheerleader, but if being
      pro-RPM means being a cheerleader, then so be

      After reading the boards for awhile, you can get the
      feel for who is serious and who is blowing smoke. Mami
      appears to be anti-RPM, but at least they have well
      thought out discussions and is willing to debate the
      issues in a civil manner. Kencap on the other hand seems
      to have an axe to grind and I usually take his
      messages with a grain of salt.

      At these prices, I
      consider RPM a long-term buy. Short-term, the shares will
      be volitile, trading in this short range we seem to
      be stuck in.

      Marathonman-- As far as Dryvit
      is concerned, at the annual meeting someone asked
      the question. Management responded by saying that any
      costs associated with the Dryvit litigation is covered
      by insurance. As a result, any losses that result
      should not have a significant impact on the finacial
      statements. Companies like this insure themselves agains
      liabilities involved with products and operations. The only
      adverse impact right now could be an increase in the
      insurance rates.

      Hope this helps.

      • 1 Reply to Rudi610
      • as an occasional poster thought would post me two
        cents worth.
        RPM growth has been gained by aquiring
        other companies and little core growth. At current
        price range is reasonable, and yes am adding to me
        holdings in the near future.
        the Dryvit case is
        basically the lawyers going for the deep pockets, as the
        contractors and installers who injected it into the walls
        improperly ain't got no pot to piss in.
        RPM liabilty
        will cover the court findings IF the insurance
        underwriters do not try to duck out via the 'gross neglience'
        Sorry for longwinded message, shall now get off
        the soapbox and go to the beach.

    • There are those who have posted in the past who
      were closely involved with the high standards of
      products & services supplied by certain RPM owned
      companies who tried to explain seriously to other
      interested parties on the board the merits of these products
      & services and how the buying public depend on
      these high standards. Sacasso on a recent post tried to
      explain the same thing by saying that his son worked for
      Tremco (an RPM company) and how accepted and well
      established Tremco is in the roofing business. Unfortunately,
      the serious posters have been driven away from this
      board by stupid and sarcastic remarks that are below
      the level of most mature investor oriented people.
      Ignorance and tripe does not belong on this board. IMHO. Go
      RPM. Hydri_2001

      • 1 Reply to hydri_2001
      • If I can paraphrase you, anyone who has an
        opinion other that yours, no matter the facts, is

        Oh, I'm sorry. that could be considered sarcastic.
        Well atleast I don't have the nerve to insist that
        other's opinions are ignorant and immature.

        As for
        your serious posters, please list who you consider
        them to be. This board was dead a couple of months ago
        even as investors lost money. It had zero content. You
        could go months without a new post. Now there is some
        dialog and some negative investor sentiment and it is
        making you nervous. If you can't take the heat, get out
        the kitchen!

        By the way, all the negative
        remarks (for the most part) are coming from longs, not
        shorts trying to push the share price down like on other

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