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  • department9202 department9202 May 25, 2012 8:25 AM Flag

    SNPK 'E' Delinquent Status Official. Eject! Eject!

    The SEC added the 'E' symbol today to warn investors that this issuer is now officiallly delinquent in reporting status and is at risk of being delisted from the OTCBB. This is it. It's over! SNPK Delinquent Status Official. It's time to file your complaint to the SEC if you lost money trading this stock. An investigation is underway into possibly one of the biggest investment frauds since the Madoff incident. Contact a lawyer who specializes in securities law. You may be entitled to a settlement or award of financial damages for victims.

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    • Send us an e-mail at with the subject Class Action Settlement Attorney's Contact Information. This information must be kept confidential to protect the victims identity and to keep potential opposition parties from engaging the lawyer directly through this public forum. Thank you.

    • Hi, thank you for replying. I lost over $34,000 in shares of Royale Energy in 2008 when it was at $13 a share then went down within 3 weeks to $9 a share and never went back up since. Then in 2010, I lost over $32,000 on shares of US Steel after it went down from $69 a share to $49 a share. Then last month on April 18, I lost $53,480 on SNPK and confirmed a month later that it was a promotional scam after talking to a lawyer who did an initial investigation.

    • Please provide additional information. I have been in touch with the SEC & FINRA regarding SNPK, the promoters. This was a pump & dump and investors such as myself was frauded.

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      • Thank you for replying and sharing your testimony. I have contacted my lawyer to ask him if I could give you his contact information and told him that your testimony could help us build our case in a class action lawsuit as we find more victims like us who lost our hard-earned money to these predators. I share in your concern and also lost $53,480 after purchasing the shares on the same day as you, April 18 and am looking forward to getting a reply back from my lawyer to see if we could bring you onboard to help us build our case against the parties responsible for misleading ordinary investors like us with materially false information, price manipulation, insider trading, bribery, and fraud involving people who hid ill-gotten gains in offshore accounts to avoid the SEC's scrutiny. You may also e-mail me anytime if you want to stay in touch in case we need each others testimony someday at Thank you and I hope we could recover our losses from this fraud soon in a court award or settlement for victims.

    • What the heck kind of stocks are you investing in to lose so much ??!!??!!

    • Thank you for reading and replying to my post and for your concern. After losing over $112,480 of my life savings in just 4 years in the stock market, I've finally decided to stop investing in the stock market for good and close all my trading accounts permanently. So many people work hard, save, and invest in this country in the hopes of building a better future for themselves, their families, and the economy only to have it all taken away by fraudulent investment schemes such as pump and dumps which we should put an end to by working towards better legislation and SEC regulation to protect hard working ordinary investors like us against sophisticated predators like the parties involved in commiting these crimes. Perhaps several years from now, the progress we achieve will make these fraudulent investment schemes a thing of the past. I've made arrangements with a lawyer who specializes in securities law and who has not lost a single case yet and I am hoping to find more victims to help in this case by combining our efforts in a class action lawsuit which would help compel the courts and the SEC to award a larger settlement based on the number of victims. A contingency contract can be offered where victims pay nothing unless the attorney collects an award or settlement from the case.

    • and not being mean or nasty at all

    • First, the lawyers will get the majority of funds that would come from any settlement.

      Secondly, what's your case, where were you defrauded. In ten minutes I could view various SEC documents that reflect the companies, history, debt, cashflow etc. All of these would yield big red flags & suggest this is not a good investment or at minimum a HIGHLY RISKY & SPECULATIVE investment. So, tell me again how you have a case & you are a so called victim? The writing was on the wall, people chose not to read it or do not know how. Not knowing how is ignorance & you cannot be a victim based solely on ignorance.

    • Ok well I would like to do the class action law suit. One person doing it on their own, nothing would happen. If we join up we might be able to make something happen. Lets all join in and MAKE it happen. It was all a scam to start with!!!!!

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      • Thank you for reading and replying to my post. I'm glad I found fellow investors like you who help me feel that I'm not alone as a victim of the SNPK promotional scam. You are not alone and I'm here to help you too. Here's what I did and you can do too:

        1. File a complaint to the SEC at by clicking on the Tips and Complaints Referral link then fill out the form completely under the Whistleblower program which awards $1 Million for tips leading to the prosecution of the responsible parties such as the promotional firms who reaped most of the ill-gotten gains which the SEC can recover or ordered by the court to be paid back to victims of the scam similar to what happened in what was mentioned in that Vancouver Sun article where the SEC recovered ill-gotten gains through a court order.

        2. Contact your local attorney who specializes in securities law. He or she will help you submit your case and go to court with you if necessary to get your settlement or monetary award for financial damages. Do not be afraid of attorney fees because most attorneys who specialize in this field can offer a contingency contract with you which means you pay nothing unless they win your case and recover funds from the award where they can collect their fess from.

      • might be lucky if there is a penny recovered for every dollar investors lost in this grand P&D scheme

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