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  • diversdoitdeeper55 diversdoitdeeper55 May 25, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    SNPK 'E' Delinquent Status Official. Eject! Eject!

    Ok well I would like to do the class action law suit. One person doing it on their own, nothing would happen. If we join up we might be able to make something happen. Lets all join in and MAKE it happen. It was all a scam to start with!!!!!

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    • might be lucky if there is a penny recovered for every dollar investors lost in this grand P&D scheme

    • Thank you for reading and replying to my post. I'm glad I found fellow investors like you who help me feel that I'm not alone as a victim of the SNPK promotional scam. You are not alone and I'm here to help you too. Here's what I did and you can do too:

      1. File a complaint to the SEC at by clicking on the Tips and Complaints Referral link then fill out the form completely under the Whistleblower program which awards $1 Million for tips leading to the prosecution of the responsible parties such as the promotional firms who reaped most of the ill-gotten gains which the SEC can recover or ordered by the court to be paid back to victims of the scam similar to what happened in what was mentioned in that Vancouver Sun article where the SEC recovered ill-gotten gains through a court order.

      2. Contact your local attorney who specializes in securities law. He or she will help you submit your case and go to court with you if necessary to get your settlement or monetary award for financial damages. Do not be afraid of attorney fees because most attorneys who specialize in this field can offer a contingency contract with you which means you pay nothing unless they win your case and recover funds from the award where they can collect their fess from.

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      • There will be no money left but a BK filed. Why would you hold to 10 cents? Complete junk stock. The stock market is a gamble. You win some, but usually lose unless you have insider information which only the RICH do. Therefore just write it off and move on. Lawsuits unless you lost millions is a complete waste of time for you unless you are the attorneys who make all the money too. You will get pennies on the dollar and I mean pennies in about 5 years. Its a joke. Trust me!! The stock market is corrupt!!

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