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  • CJL72 CJL72 Jan 24, 2011 4:11 PM Flag

    cNOTES:AMAR.OB:Updated @ 6.3 Cents!!!

    AMAR.OB: Amarillio Biosciences, Inc;

    Updated to recent financials; $$MM, Some Rounding;

    Most recent Monthly Share Volume: a “Non” Goldman Sachs Regime Moscow Sports Network 1.282,857M;

    Volume reported for 2010: a NON Goldman Sachs Regime Comrade Financial News 17.315M;

    Market Maker:UBS

    Current Market Cap 4.98M on 57.8M Shares Approx;

    Recent Trade; .086, (.0079), (8.41%) @ 12:36pm on Volume of 98K

    About Amarillo Biosciences

    Chronic Cough in COPD – FDA Phase 2 study ongoing; funding sought for a second study; COPD is estimated to affect over 636 Million people worldwide;
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

    CF,NTA,REV,Equity: UnAdjusted, (9M), (.15_86)/ Per Share

    Derivative FV: (1.00)M, (0.01722)/Share
    Derivative Liab: 0.93M, 0.01611/Share
    Paid In / Deficit [Net]Reversed: 4.65M, 0.08046/Share
    Patents: (0.12)M, (0.00203)/Share
    Other Assets: (0.08)M, (0.00136)/Share
    Related Party Accruals / Expense as Cash Activity: 0.81M, 0.01395/Share
    Minimum Market Cap : 0.45M/ 0.00777/Share

    CF,NTA, Rev, Equity Further Adj to Value: $$M (3.016003)M, (0.05214) / Share

    Price @ Value: ,

    6:, (0.05214)

    Minimum Market Cap Approx 450K:,

    7:, 0.0077691, 0.06 , Theoretical Spread

    Price to Sched Amts @, 0.0077691

    8:, (0.15)

    Adjustments Above; ,

    10:, 5.65 $$M , Per Share:, 0.10

    11:. BidPriceTo:, 0.65

    12:Market Cap Over / Under Minimum per Bid:, 3.200_9,
    0.0553 , Per Share: BidPriceTo, 1.1404

    15:,Primary Co Metric, (27,261) ; Weighted Adjusted Price; (0.001174) ;Weighted Adjusted Trade Metric; (471.26)

    16:, ,Per Desired Spread : MMC Price & Weighted Price, ,+Trading @ Plus, 0.009 ,+Plus, 471

    [112.17 @ a Current Bid of]:, 0.063 ,+Trading @ Premium to MMC, 0.0553 ,+Plus, 712.191_836%


    Bottom Line Cash Flow Summary: Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric(s) per CF, (555.3) ,Weighted per Price Range / Change, 8.22 ,Primary Weight Adj Trade Metric, (1236.4409) , (0.0526) off adjusted level price of 11.56 cents;

    Net$$M 9 Mos Loss : (0.805691)M
    MinRetGrowth: 0.04
    MinRetInv: 0.04
    Weighted Cost of Capital: 0.0536_4475
    Estimated Local Continuing Value in $$M: (4.571)
    Estimated Factor NOT LOCAL in $$M: (0.254191)
    Estimated ContinuingLong TermValue NOTLOCAL Avg R&D Exp: 1.161036M
    Est NOT LOCAL Price on LT Fwd Value : 0.01_98_9900_4_14
    44.2291% , Desired Percentage Increase in R&D from most recent report.

    Profile and Website:

    Do not own shares; Follow Company and the Clean; Non Goldman Sachs Comrade Sports Network Infected BioTech Sector;

    ***If you are a GM of a major sports franchise; Baseball or otherwise; You do not want to play Goldman Sachs Baseball!!!; That is bad for the whole world….hahaha!!!
    Central Bankers in Ireland are even worse hitters than the Goldman Sachs FED!!!
    What is going on with this!!!!!hahaha!!!

    The Goldman Sachs Mendoza Line!!![YIKES]

    2006:$1.75 / Share. Off the high of 19 Cents;

    You know what Goldman Sachs 12>36 means; Show up for your shift; with your fund statement in your pocket; and do not do any work;[YIKES]
    [No problem; then you only get paid ONCE!!!]

    Did you ever notice that the Local Lemmings Phila Radio / TV media; They are speaking to Goldman Sachs; Not listeners;

    Company is located in the great State of Texas;

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