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  • DiamlerFord DiamlerFord Mar 23, 2003 4:54 AM Flag

    has more upside potential than others

    which, after this past week's rally that carried the office reit sector up almost 10 percent, without any change in occupancy or fundamentals, means that emotion and expectation have taken over

    the trading problem with TRZ is that it is still not accepted or recognized by investors as being part of the reit sector; even given its long-standing (9 month) discount to the sector, this week should have moved the stock to 9.50 - 9.75 just on the peer move.

    a bit of pr on the part of the company - pr to the investment professionals, and index managers - would go a long way. non-inclusion in the wilshire reit index, which includes every piece of crap reit over 100m market cap, is inexcuseable. so is lack of participation at investor conferences and presentations.

    this stock's relative discount from its peers has actually increased this week from our calculated 26 percent to 29 percent. that, in a week when it confirmed the new reit-type dividend, and, in a week that other beaten-down reits enjoyed their best increase in months

    it is now a bigger bargain than ever!!!

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    • I have found over the years that it ALWAYS a mistake to draw conclusions in terms of what a "peer group" is doing in terms of trading and suggesting that any stock will trade up to catch up. Instead you should go the other way and look at what is different from the peer group that causes it to trade as a laggard. Those issues are well known.

      I'm just waiting for this qtr's cc to compare and contract TRZ's markets with those other reits in the peer group.