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  • tobinator00 tobinator00 Oct 6, 2005 7:11 PM Flag

    Newbie Question

    I am presently long several gold miners and have been watching recent oil and gas news/movements. A year and a half ago I made some nice money on TMR, CRK and CHK. Certainly wish I had stayed long on CRK and CHK.

    rdesroch, a CWEI poster I respect had mentioned being very long here. Some DD on my part can see why. I have a couple of questions for the board.

    1) How good is the management team of GSX? TMR has some nice plays but management has seemed to foul it up. I'd like to know how the team is here.

    2) How much GSX production is hedged in terms of Oil and Natural Gas?

    Thank You

    P.S. If you are looking to diversify into miners. AUY, GG, GLG and SLW are about the best there is with GG being the clear standout. Gold hit 18 year highs today and should be racing towards $500 within the next few weeks.

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    • I traded TMR and that is about all I would do, since I have had no trust in the Mang going back 10 years.

      The assets of TMR were very high rate producers will little reserves, so after a year they rate of production was in steep decline.

      GSX is an asset base play, with a potential for just the Utah Unita play of around 3 tcf.

      The mang of GAX has built other companies that were sild for large amounts. They are in the process of doing the same thing again.

    • 1. My impression of management is they are excellent and honest. a rare combination these days.

      2. no production hedged

      3. You might look at PMU Pacific Rim Mining ,gold stock

      Some excellent people post on this board, way more informed than I.

      Best to all longs, sell off way over done, but not necessarily over, maybe by day's end