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  • JOEDOESMITH JOEDOESMITH Apr 15, 2012 7:10 PM Flag

    New York Presentation 4-16

    It appears the slides for 4-16 presentation are available on the corporate website:

    See Presentations (PDF Format)

    I don't know if this is new or has been there.

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    • i agree. i think this morning, that big block of shares sold near the open, that was the bottom for a while.

    • Covered April 16 and 17 short position this morning and finally made a profit of 40% on this trade. Have to look short term with this management and expect a pop went long again. IMHO under $.175 is a good buy.

      Thing technically $.25 will happen before $.15 so I’m in again only for a short term play.

      We will see.

    • Wow NN! Hope you didn’t get that from me, can’t speak for Blinders777 she is overseas in hiatus.

      I am not short GSX but do hold an over weighted position. I know you have done well since you started in January, buy unlike options plays daily or hourly activity, IMO shorting GSX at these prices is risky business, unless just playing for a penny or two.

      You are right I am not adding more since being over weighted and as mentioned several times; not a fan of this management team.

      It is just a matter of time before a flock of buying order could provide a significant upswing quickly absorbing the $0.35 option completely changing shareholder valuation within just a few days.

      While I agree with much of your reasoning but stocks exaggerate movement based on fear and greed not reasoning. IMO a little patience here may reward you and other shareholders evenly.

      Remember the Sum-of the-parts is worth sunbarntially more that the whole.
      I am Long and Strong! Good Luck and have a great summer.

    • also be aware, that we are in a particularly vulnerable window for broad share prices. 1300 spx is likely in my view, before we see new highs.

    • long-term fundamentals (2-3 year out) look pretty good for gas but short term still pretty bad. the idea that we could be looking, briefly, at sub-$1 nymex this summer is real. gsx may still need one last, final wash-out below 15 cents, just for good measure, around the same time frame as that eventual puke in gas prices this summer.

    • Don't know what the earnings per share would be but if two willow springs wells were to produce 400 barrels of oil, that would mean 180 barrels going to Gasco. Someone mentioned before that california oil sells for a premium of about 112/barrel. This means Gasco would receive $20,160 per day and 1.8 million per quarter.

      I don't know how many GRO Wells will be drilled 2012. But those wells will also add some revenue to Gasco. I am not putting much hope in this wells after the first two but who knows.

    • My problem with this presentation is that it is not entirely truthful. For example, Gasco mentions on page 12 that the first 2 GRO wells had a 7 day average IP of 67 and 50 BOPD. But that was 3 months ago and we all know that those wells aren’t producing anywhere close to 67 and 50. So my question is why put in the presentation a 7 day average when it is no longer relevant? It seems to me that they are trying to fool potential investors with the better numbers. It doesn’t matter if your initial production was 1000 BOPD if they aren’t producing 1000 BOPD at the time of your announcement then don’t mention it.

      Also on page 17 they still say that NW McKittrick is awaiting finally permit approval but I know for a fact that is not true. I have talked with Rich Thesken who is the permit engineer for district 4 where Willow Springs is located. Rich is the one who gave the permit approval and he told me that as far as California is concerned all the permits are approved and that he doesn’t know why Maralex hasn’t started drilling. Rich says that these permits were issued in October 2010 and is now subject to being withdrawn since no drilling has taken place. I don’t know why Gasco doesn’t want tell investors the full truth. I even talked to King Grant and he acknowledged to me that they are just waiting for Maralex to drill. He acknowledged that they have the permits but implied that Gasco is at their mercy as to when they drill.

      I am still long on Gasco and have high hopes that willow springs will be successful but these two examples cause me to question the integrity of this company.

      I will be listening to this presentation to see what they say.


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