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  • tempted101 tempted101 Apr 18, 2012 12:43 PM Flag

    New York Presentation 4-16

    Thanks but no thanks I have learned a lot from you, but lost the desire to hold GSX any longer.
    New to portfolio investing, learned from Blinders777 and NoBlindres, and taking their advice, dumped GSX at a loss yesterday. Dilution at $.35 and time vale of money is a bummer; I will use my capital elsewhere.
    As a former GSX shareholder, as of yesterday, the only recourse I had was to sell and shorted to make up my losses. I may be wrong, but if it “looks too good to be true” with bad information and lack of Management and Board member accountability others will question management and the direction of this company too.
    Yea if I had their salary I’d hold on too, but I base me picks on performance expectations not Keystone Management style apparently with no interest for shareholder valuation.
    IMHO upside has more limitation than the downside short term.
    Good luck to you, I’ve learned a lot on this board and may come back when I close my short.
    I see greener pastures else ware, have a great summer too.