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  • knowin2holdem knowin2holdem Jul 12, 2008 7:09 PM Flag

    Maybe $10 Monday

    Maybe I will pick some up at $10 monday. I think it will drop monday and tuesday on the shelf news.

    Anyways, good luck

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    • The stock will trade on a range from 12 to 14 bucks. Watch n learb.

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      • cats, only advise i have for you is to cost average your position.

        I know it suck to be caught with and after hours shelf registation if you adimate about holding long then please cost average on the drop monday, Tues, Wednesday.

        That is what I do when I feel strong about a stock.

        Good luck

      • They just filed a shelf registration they all fall for a couple days after they file a shelf registration.

        You watch and learn. It doesn't mean this is not a good stock I will buy some after the fall out it might drop to 10 monday alone if not tuesday I would suspect.

        There all ready up 10percent on week news now this is solid news for the short term.

        I'm willing to bet 25k in the morning that it goes down.

        Infact that is what I'm going to do even though I like the company and want a piece of it. I will get in for free.

        Going to short it monday 25k cover then buyin about $10 you will see when it drops the spikes up off of low of the day it will be shorties covering because they all ready made there piece or maybe the will convert some profit to long position.

        Easy way to build positions if you ask me.

        For damn sure it isn't going to run up on bad news safetest trade I can think of is to short this baby monday morning.

        In my opinion.

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