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  • johnny2723 johnny2723 Nov 18, 2008 12:55 PM Flag

    Pickens/Pelosi/Cramer Sucked You Into Buying

    I agree. Thje educated like us want to pass the world off to out posterity in better shape than we found it. Therefore price and affordability are not the way to look at this mess. The mideast and Arabs hate us. It's time for us to chart our own course. Pickens for Energy Secretary!!!

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    • Tell all of the poor people that would have their cost of living dramatically increased your "posterity" scenario. A world where the minority of people like you force their agenda on the masses is called a "Dictatorship". Your ideas will never succeed unless you can get government to force your agenda on the people. No thank you, I will stick withe the American free market, capitalist society. Your vision has been proven wrong millions of times. When will you people learn..... You obviously have no idea how a free market works, so you probably shouldn't be investing in private business. Let me guess, you work for government, or in some type of business where your work has no effect on your companies profits? Hmmm

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      • You are a wise man. Reminds me of something an ancient Greek said 2300 years ago. Many of these guys were brainwashed by their liberal (read, socialistic big government) professors or teachers.
        I think is wss (don't have time to look it up now)Aristole who said, "Youth is easily decieved because they are quick to hope." or something like that. When you read this board you see many posters who have lots of hope but few facts; nevermind that they don't see the big picture.

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