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  • brow151wear257 brow151wear257 Feb 24, 2009 12:16 PM Flag

    CLNE & WPRT -----

    I had these stocks in the high teens and held on all the way down , even bought more. I have read everything I can on them . I beleave this yr there going to do very well. Any opinions ,
    comments out there ?

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    • thanks for your honest comment. I'd like to be a buyer but it doesnt make enough sense to buy it now. The biggest hurdle I see is institutions are required to sell any stock in their portfolio that cannot maintain at least a $5 share price. The action of late speaks for itself.

    • wprt held up rather well today.only down 5 precent.not bad after looking around.

    • I just read here an article somewhere on Yahoo Finance or it could have been on one of the services in my E- mail. It was talking about the White House itself and the fact that the Electricity for it is generated by a Coal Utility. It went on to say that Pelosi and Reid wanted it from Natural Gas despite the fact that N.G. costs almost 4 times as Coal generation becuase the N.G was cleaner etc. Don't forget that there is "cap and trade" in these latest Bills. Could be that this is the start of a N.G. trend.

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      • there are rallies planned for today.

        There are folks who want to switch it entirely to gas but there are also powerful coal supporters in Congress like the folks from KY...

        -- If you're on the Hill, you may stumble across dueling pro- and anti-coal protests today as the Capitol Climate Action rally near the Longworth and Rayburn House office buildings at 1 p.m. demands that the Capitol Power Plant switch from coal to natural gas (a march to the plant is included), while the Competitive Enterprise Institute holds the competing (natch) "Celebrate Coal!" rally at the plant, also at 1 p.m.

      • it is not the cost of ng but rather the fact that we need to get off foren oil.and I do think it will be used in the truck fleet and delivery fleets as well as city work trucks and busses will just have to wait and see.

      • yes I think it is the start of ng.I think the ng is not going to be part of the car market but it will be part of the commecial market for sure ups fed-x and so on and I also think we will be seeing 3.00 to 4.00 dollar gas again this summer after that round I think ng will take off big,and like I said I think it will be in the trucking end of things as well as delivery trucks and city work trucks ,at least that is what I am hopeing for.

      • Thank you for your reply.

    • I thought that way at one time, but as much as T. Boone has pushed the message, and as much NG as there is in the US, it seems like the idea of converting heavy truck transport to NG is still a niche market and probably set to stay that way for some time to come. Word is Obama is not excited about NG like Emanuel is. Obama wants the emphasis on electric because that's what Gore wants.

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      • can you cite sources or point us to a written record of this preference?

        I say this not to challenge the truth of what you say, but more because many of us have been wondering about Obama's silence on gas, especially since we know Rahm is very in favor and Pelosi is very invested.

        If you have definitive information it could solves some of this mystery.

        Thanks in advance.

    • I think their gross revenue is steady and has likely increased. In a time where most companies are doing worse I think this company will continue to maintain its health and really grow in the future. NG is the future for this country for creating jobs, reducing dependency on foreign oil and cleaning up the environment.

    • I have been up and down on these stocks but I just added more wprt/clne to my nest.I also have amsc.I think these stocks will do great in the long run. I to got them when they were in there high teens,and have held on to them. I just wish the up side was closer like say in a year or two instead of 5 to 10 yrs we will just have to see. the reason I got into the stock market was do to the pickens plan,and from what I read in the pickens plan I think these are the kind of stocks that will do well in the long run. Hope that helps.

    • think wprt flies first,as it is the egg in the chicken an egg issue with the first step in cng fleet transportation is going to be the wallmart,ups an garbage guys.they are already buying wprt engines.obama told congress last night to bring him a energy bill.its coming an both companies with prosper.think this will be the next leader of the next bull.

    • Hopefully these stocks are a small percentage of your portfolio and you don't need the money elsewhere. If that is the case, then hold these stocks. You've ridden them too far to give up now. Remember that these stocks are tanking for two reasons - no profits yet and the rest of the economy is tanking as well.

      But these stocks are the logical building blocks for two major directions America must take - breaking our dependence on foreign oil and cleaning up our air pollution.

      WPRT is facing some hurdles in that their sales are down because all truck sales in North America are down. I expect, and I emphasize that this is my opinion, that at some point WPRT will turn the corner as a) diesel prices head back up; and b) the economy picks up. It would be NICE if Obama would articulate a comprehensive energy plan that includes NG but I expect WPRT to succeed even if Obama is never so direct in support of NG. The economics of NG are such that they present an immediately available and reasonable affordable alternative for truck fleet owners. There are many sectors evaluating NG and many large well-known companies like Walmart, UPS, long haul trucking firms etc. There will be more ports following POLA/POLB's lead in the next few years (though by then there might be more competitors for WPRT as well). Just a few of these guys pushing hard to NG will put WPRT in a good place. So I think there is good reason to not just hold on to what you have but to buy more at these bargin prices.

      CLNE is making some headway as well but it might be a while before they are profitable since they are shouldering so much of the up-front costs of new fillng stations etc in order to get their product on the street. But they are a commodity provider and I believe that NG will really take hold for fleets everywhere in the fleets, truck fleets, we already see garbage fleets and bus fleets...and so much more. So I think they are an even better long term play than WPRT.

      In fact it has always been my idea to take profits from FSYS (already done!) as well as WPRT (in the next year or two I hope) and turn them around into CLNE purchaes....a sort of laddering effect if you will.

      If you are asking my opinion, if you have ridden them down this far, HANG ON. Sometimes it can be SO frustrating watching this stuff day-to-day. But in the next few years I believe these stocks will be real winners and if you sold now you would be kicking yourself in 2011 and 2012.

      Also, check out bargain basement prices on OMTK. Tough to do DD on them so they are not even a speculative play...they are a GAMBLE. But I threw in a few hundred never know.

      Good luck!

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