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  • nightrainlain nightrainlain Jan 23, 2010 4:15 PM Flag WB, MP and other long timers

    Just in case you are interested, I have a few ramblings.

    I've observed the following:

    The DOW,S&P,NASDAQ,NDX,TRANSPORTS, and EMERGING MARKETS all broke the all-important 50 day average. In the last few market sessions, over 1700 stocks broke below the 50 day...many which had not breached this moving average in the last 10 months on the way up. In my opinion, this is what it looks like when markets top. We could see a couple month pull-back with lots of churning along the way to make folks bonkers. Of course, this is the market...and it ain't anything could happen. But, boy...a lot of damage has been done.

    All that being said, CLNE is very newsy...and oftentimes contrary to the market...but odds favor more pulling in, especially given the recent rapid rise. I think the hard shake out that day we nose dived to 17.03 was a shot across the bow. CLNE recovered nicely the next day (much to the displeasure of those who sold), but I think it demonstrated the skittishness of the holders here. I'm also a little concerned that NG prices on the rise will no longer be considered good news for CLNE.

    I sure wouldn't be interested in holding anything that would be Dow, S&P, or index sensitive. But if you are a buy and hold kinda guy, these swings aren't of interest to you...and you are prepared to weather them. My personal style is to wait for the pullback to complete, new bases to be built, and buy again on advances out of them. I may try to play a few short swings with stops...or I may just set on my hands for a while. I was getting a little apprehensive so a break might be nice.

    That all for what it's worth...just one guys opinion and thoughts.


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