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  • weatherwiz2010 weatherwiz2010 Dec 3, 2010 2:29 PM Flag

    Boone Overestimated US

    We are the dumbest folks alive or whatever it is he said we would be if we don't get off OPEC dependancy. I don't think our Congress can do anything right anymore. BOTH parties have become too polarized, uncompromising and beholden to special interests that don't include what's best for the nation as a whole.

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    • IF this stock rose a lot boone would have got 100s of millions of dollar in stock increase
      Should the government give some one that by spending our money to subsidize natural gas vehicles
      Let him sell his stock and the let him ask
      OR say that he will give what it goes up to the government
      It would probally pay for the subcity
      or at least pay the government the amount of the subcity if more
      Clne does not have the money to rake advantage any way

    • he underestimate obama......who doesn't care....
      if oil heading to $100+ or shortage....

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      • macgardner Dec 17, 2010 3:41 PM Flag

        You don't know what you're talking about. Obama made at least 20 speeches touting the American Power Act, and Mitch McConnell filibustered the same bill that was passed by a bi partisan vote over a year ago. McConnell is from Kentucky, one of the biggest coal producing states and wants us to use "clean coal" which is doable for electric generation, at $0.28 per KWH, in other words at TRIPLE THE CURRENT RATE FOR power generated by Natural Gas or Hydro-electric. He, and virtually all republican politicians clear down to the state and local level and receive hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign "contributions" from Big Oil, which, of course, prefers that we stay latched on to their t.t forever, regardless of the destruction to our economy and loss of security caused by this dependence which makes companies like Exxon $40 billion per year. A $1 billion bribe over a 10 year period is pocket change, when they can monopolize our energy needs. And has anyone ever seen a long haul truck with a sign on the back that says "Coal powered"? Do a little reading before you make ill-informed posts, based on something you heard on FAUX "NEWS" from Beck, Hannity, or one of their "ENTERTAINERS" (that term is not the same as the word "JOURNALISTS" whom are on the legitimate news networks.

    • I'm in favor of abolishing both political parties. Every candidate would run on his or her own merits. This country can't continue to be run by the rich and for the rich via special interests and campaing contributions, domestic and now foreign.

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      • macgardner Dec 17, 2010 4:47 PM Flag

        Exactly, we have the best congress that money can, and did, buy.
        Common cause is trying to push congress into passing a public financing bill, which the republicans have killed on numerous occasions, because of their normally huge "campaign contribution" advantage. I don't care which party is involved, it is BRIBERY,PURE AND SIMPLE.
        I Watched the last Rhode Island governers debate before the election. There were 7 candidates, I believe, on stage, and one of them spent a whopping $50 on his campaign, another spent $3,500. They were all credible candidates, all had some good ideas and actually complemented an opponent when they came up with a new solution to the state's problems that made sense. Lincoln Chaffee, former republican, now Independent won the election, and I think he was far outspent by both the republican and democratic candidates, which is good news.
        It's probably going to take a state by state constitutional initiative to pass public financing, but I think it would garner broad bi-partisan support, and wouldn't take all that long to get 37 states to ratify it. I think if it got decent media coverage (I'm not talking about Fox "news") that people would flock to a location to sign the petition. The broadcast airwaves have always belonged, and still belong to the American people. The stations owners are granted a license to "serve the public interest" PERIOD. IF THEY can make $100 million a year while serving the public interest, then that's fine, but it is not their mission as licensees. Free airtime to ALL CANDIDATES would be great. The nasty rhetoric would be reduced by about 90 percent immediatley, because that is just a means to energize an angry base in many cases. There have only been two candidates that I can think of in modern times who weren't millionaires when they ran for the senate, Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, who unfortuantely was killed in a plane crash while campaigning in bad weather, and Barack Obama, who became a millionaire through his book sales after he was elected to the Senate. When a politician has to start begging for campaign money in February after having been sworn in the month before, something is very wrong. It is nothing more than a legalized system of BRIBERY.

      • we and most of the world ARE NOT run by the rich but BY THE UNIONS.....whose benefit bankrupt them all.....
        california is next.

      • I agree with both previous messages- at the very least we should establish a third party that would actually speak "For The People"!!!

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