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  • golfmoney2 golfmoney2 May 21, 2011 6:29 AM Flag

    Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee yesterday

    A criticism is this interferes with the marketplace. It does that, but in a short-term, limited way. Short term incentives to jump start nuclear energy, to jump start natural gas truck fleets, to jump start electric cars in four or five years, I think are appropriate given the urgency of the problem.

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    • Whats the average cost of lng vrs cng in the US
      Cng is at least 25 cents less
      They now offer added tanks to rigs that you an get the same milage
      Would a trucker add the tanks for less ptice ?
      It takes 32 inches behind the cab
      So there is no need for lng unless it is free by the government
      Doing lng slows down ng because it is more cost for the gas
      If you notice since no rebate almost all new projects are cng unless money was from earlier bills
      Effient and capacity are not the same ,both have the same eff,
      WE all can get cheaper with cng

    • The reason for this emphasis on LNG is that HR 1380 targets the use of natural gas in large trucks (over-the-road 18 wheelers, for example). These large vehicles are more efficient with LNG as they need the capacity, range of LNG and can carry the necessary tank.

      Now for passenger cars and small trucks, cng is the fuel of choice. And there your ideas make perfect sense. Write Congress to lend your support to cng for passenger cars and for the building out of pipe to carry cng. I am with you on that.

    • This bill does zero to get pipe to the station
      IT gives us a high cost system of lng plants, A total waist of money

    • If you do not have pipe you are than lng
      Its cost
      1 lng plant
      2 lng delivery trucks
      3Higjer cost vehicles
      4 higher cost gas
      For pipe
      It depends on the size of pipe and pressure of gas in the pipe
      My house has a 1.5 inch at say 5 psig
      You can only take so much gas out without taking too much gas and lowering the pressure in the line to your place
      So you need to get a good sized pipe or a smaller pipe at high pressure to have enough for a station
      The better the pipe the less or no storage at station
      So if we do a one time cost of pipe to the stations we have cheaper gas for ever
      IF gas at stations is less than $1.50 a gallon you need no subsidies
      SO can you not see that this gives us cheaper gas for ever and is a better
      SO whats the plan
      You lend money to gas companies at say 3% to run pipe to stations
      They would be glade to
      They love to sell gas,just give them low interest loans to do it
      If you look at what I just said you too will see that this new law is a waist of money
      I have just done better at no cost to the government
      This is what a smart government would do

    • Thanks, that was better (unfortunately, presentation does matter - content should be all that does but you have seen it, I am sure, where the content is nil but people are swayed by the communicator's skills).

      What do you mean by government building out the pipe? Isn't there already a vast network of natural gas pipelines through the US due to its prevalent use as a heating fuel? Of course, there needs to be connections made to service stations for cng but that isn't that part of the cost that is covered in HR 1380?


    • I should take more time to think and write.Thank you for your help
      I just think that the point matters not the presentation.
      I am not tryng to push a point to effect the stock price so I do not take as much time as I should.
      There are just few other people giving the other side of these plans.I will try to give a simple View as I see it
      Types of governments
      1...Socialistic such as Europe
      They do well so long as they live with in their out put,They know how to write trade rules to block trade.Germany is the best because of high school system for trades ,good unions and savers
      2...capalistic like the US
      Do fine till they become socialistic in spending like europe and in the US case do not know how to write trade laws and are supporting the world
      All great countries end when too socialistic or too large an area in.Rome new when it could not control an area and left
      New capatalistic system like China
      Government provides the money and sets profits
      So long as government is smart it works.Theirs are smart
      We should look at what they are doing
      So in this field coping China
      No subsidies
      Provide loans for pipe
      cost the US zero
      This is the best solution because it cost the government zero and gives us a lower price with cng for ever

      IS this easy to under stand and explain my views

    • Robert,

      1) You make be making some interesting observations and perhaps even some valid points. But your writing is so poor, it is difficult to ascertain and, I fear, is just not worth the effort. It's like untangling backlash on a fishing reel.

      2) Therefore, I would suggest you take a deep breath before you attack the keyboard, keep a dictionary handy (since you are 64, I know you know what one is, unlike the youth of today who shun books of all types) and form complete sentences.

      3) Seriously, it would help your ability to communicate your ideas - which as a serious investor, I am always willing to listen to. Don't you want others to read your posts? As for now, I do think many simply skip over them as the occasional pearl of wisdom is too buried within a fragmented rant.

    • You bring up balance of trade
      When proven wrong you change the point to waist in transporting it
      So point one wrong for you
      piont two
      two wrongs do not make a right
      Not answered so I get that one too
      As far as Boone
      I will show how if he was truly was a ng man what he could do
      Sell 1/2 his stock and lend to clne the money to build stations at say 2% for 10 years and own them
      With this amount of money they could do a lot of major high ways in the US and get this going
      The stock would probally double plus he get the money back after 10 years
      You say he got a lot of money.I will take that you are right.I do not know how good shape he is in
      He got 15 million warrants at $10.Well convert to stock ,thats 150 million dollars for clne
      So I will give that point to me
      He just wants the government to make him self richer
      Even a third grader like me can see this ,why can not you
      You say he has billions of dollars.At lets say 3 million a stations how many stations is that he could build on major highways
      Enough to get this going fast
      Once built he could borrow agaist them for more
      New point for me
      You say cost to change to lng to export
      Well thats the point I have been saying for months
      Pipe it to the stations with cng
      Its nice for you to prove my point ,Thank you
      I have shown what he could do
      His answer is
      Let the tax payer pay for it
      Any person who ask for government subsidies to make him self rich is not the man you have said

      The other

    • I would like to see INTERFERENCE OF THE OIL PRODUCERS AND THEIR MARKETPLACE.. by seeing the approval of the energy plan.. and disconnecting from foreign sources.. ASAP. Oil must come down in price and the demand must go down also..

    • What alternative plans other than what's currently on the table do the critics have? It's suspect what interest supports their argument against these alternate energy proposals. If we let the market determine what's best it might take an economic depression before real action by the government be made. And for more taxpayers money. Fourteen trillion and counting, we still sending billions overseas for energy yet we have abundance at home. What did the market do with the housing market? Ask what is the market doing to the energy market? Can't we see that the market relies on what the gov't does?

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