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  • inward2004 inward2004 Jul 15, 2011 3:31 PM Flag

    CLNE Upside

    I am thinking about buying into CLNE. I like the plan and CHK recent investment limits the downside, IMO. Has anyone done an upside analysis that they'd like to share? Thanks.

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    • Don't think that CHK has a exclusive..Many other big boys can do the same and invest in CLNE. I predict a buy-out

    • Good question. heres how I see it...there are many serious players in the energy sector, both corporations and hedgefund/MMs. I don't think CLNE and Pickens along with CHK are going to be alone in this effort!
      I think others listened very carefully to the CHK support of CLNE efforts (and wouldn't you know, PETROHAWK gets bought out!) and are right now either planning to join the effort or compete with it!
      The CHK announcement just changed the dynamics of NATGAS/LNG and will forever change the energy direction of the US.
      We will never say goodbye to oil but we will say goodbye to a HUGE percentage of foreign oil.
      So what is the future? i would say it is very bright, powered by NATGAS and todays players will be tomorrows beneficiaries!
      Price target? I like this range but think we jump into the 20's and upward as we approach meaningful progress in contructing the distribution network at existing truck stops along our Interstates!
      All IMHO of course!

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      • I like your optimism., and completely agree with your logic. What continues to amaze me is that enough politicians don't have the awareness to understand that CLNE, WPRT, FSYS and numerous other similarly aligned NG and service companies will provide a vast amount of new jobs. The Pickens Plan in spades. Everywhere in the USA. I don't think its an exaggeration to say that the NG bill will singlehandedly provide the first big impetus to create new jobs. Meaningful long term good jobs. It bothers me that politicians won't let us use our own natural resource. Instead we buy from our 'friends'. BTW, I couldn't help but gasp with a smile at a previous post, by a poster who is well informed in his posts, that CLNE could hit 300. Wow.

    • we have a price target of 300 here

      come along for the ride

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