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  • prrcnthms prrcnthms Jul 30, 2011 10:41 AM Flag

    the deficit

    unless the market percieves a real effort to tackle our defecit by both parties we will become a banana republic. its amazing who we elect. kindergarden mentality, political horsemanure, lies, fraud, and self intrest on how to get relected. does anyone actually believe anyone in washington has the intrest of this country at heart. if you do, I have a beautiful bridge for sale.

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    • lavelle822 Jul 30, 2011 10:53 PM Flag

      Hard working American are the big losers.

    • It is true that bib business gets breaks
      But look where we are spending money
      We are just not taxing big business
      There is little to no hope for the US
      95% of the people in the US do not pay their fair share
      Those 95% just want more and do not want to pay for it
      So its means the US will spend till broke
      No plan calls for a change in this
      None include what they will cut that has any real effect in spending
      Its always years away
      So you better get your money out of the US
      These bills just do not face the facts
      They do almost nothing to bring spending down to a level we can afford
      The american people are just stupid
      Borrow and your life will be worse

    • It's obvious the Dems don't want to cut anything...
      It is obvious the GOP will give up the ship for a ballanced budget proposal...

      The best thing that can happen is that the deadlock continues for the next 18 months until we vote Obama out of office.... That equates to a 1.5 trillion/year cut in spending....

      Good news... a stronger dollar and no hyper-inflation...

      Theoretically the GOP can take over and bring about reasonable and significant cuts.....

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      • Neither side wants to rescind the "Bush Tax Cuts" for the have mores...that is the bottom line. The concept of "two parties" is a facade for the working class. Our government consists of Lobbyists, Wall Street, Big Banks and the puppets that do their bidding. Oh they'll come to an agreement at the 11th make it look like a big fight was going on...and after everything is signed and sealed..nothing will have changed. No jobs will have been created..
        in fact...even to get "seed money" for new technology will not be possible...
        the rich will get richer...until a tipping point happens..that's when the people will take back their country.

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