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  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 15, 2011 11:32 AM Flag

    Push for NG cars!??

    It is an insult to consumers that gov't fleets, and large commercial fleets are transitioning to NG fuel. It is further, an act of lunacy, for investors to ignore such!
    Yes, NG has to start somewhere and why not start where it can help reduce the burden on tax/rate payers by converting gov't/Muni vehicles? Nough said, I hate to see it begin this way but its also a great way to work out the kinks in the system if there are any. Don't worry, we will all have the choice to drive an NG car within the next 5 years, its that simple!
    Whats most disturbing is remembering back to when the PC was first brought to market, many investors couldn't even say the word intel, microsoft, or cisco!
    Well, this is the next big wave of opportunity staring into the eyes of investors! PERIOD!
    Sure, the mobile communications wave will still crash on our shores for many years to come but NG cars are going to create ALOT of peripheral businesses. Home fueling stations, regulations, inspections, maintenance, not to mention other NG applications? Gee, I bet a lawnmower, chainsaw, and a generator will be alot lighter and easier to operate! But I get ahead of myself here!
    Bottomline, the NG sector is poised to POP and when it does, it will make SMART people, alot of money!
    ....all.....of .......course.......IMHO !

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