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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 17, 2011 1:38 AM Flag

    Cramer: This NATGAS Act Won't Pass

    Did any one of you guys listen to C-SPAN today regarding the Natural Oil and Gas Commission?

    Of course you didn't because if you did you would be shorting the index or putting together a winning strategy of a stradle together.

    Listen to the Department of Interior Salazar.

    Otherwise your both just a bunch of DB who just like to run your lip rather then listen to the guys in sitting in the seat who love to refer to each other as "gentleman".

    Quick questions!! you will learn the answer too!!

    How far down is the Gaseous Layer they want to Frack?

    Where are the aqueducts located, how deep in the earth?

    How desperate the Republicans are to get Natural Gas going and providing jobs to their state their argument is for 60 years we did and we should continue to do it despite if we are starting to suspect that carcinogens are being left behind in the earth 15x times did you Republican say?

    60 years they didn't govern Fracking but now they are? Does that mean if it worked for 60 years its OK? Defintely not with out a study being performed.

    Simple Solution: You and your entire family drink the water with the fracking solution mixed with odorless natural gas and we can talk then. Show us how safe it is, ok?

    We get it you want jobs for your state but at what cost?

    We get it the Republican want to take credit for U.S. now producing over 50% of it own oil finally!! Will you take all the bad credit also? You know like Exxon Valdez and Deep Water Horizon? The other leaks across the planet.

    Side Bar, I don't give a hoot about F.D.R. prayer going on the side of a Memorial. We have more pressing work to do pal.

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    • I don't agree with the issues you promote. I believe fracking is much less severe then MANY of the actions this country promotes.

      WHy don't you compare, just for the sake of it, the number of carcinogens pumped into our air in any major city, just by the diesel trucks, with the number of carcinogens caused by fracking. Or should I say, carcinogens that effect living creatures on planet earth by fracking. ALso, who do you know drinks tap water?? You have to be kidding. It's already poisoned by hypocritical politicians. Hell I live in Cal. THE most hypocritical state in this country. I originally lived in FL, where the sewage treatment plant would use a storm to DUMP 1 MILLION gallons of raw sewage into Key Biscane!!! Go after them, don't go after a process that will actually REDUCE overall pollutants. You are a perfect example of someone screwing everything up for a narrow minded good cause. Something our politicians do ALL the time. Go occupy WallStreet rather than the true culprit, the US government, or primarily the SEC. Give me a break.

    • raytalbot Nov 17, 2011 11:03 AM Flag

      Once again someone bringing up Exxon Valdez and the Deep water hrizon. What stae is the eco system now. How about the millions of gallons from world wars 1&2 or the hundreds of thousand gallons of crude worl wide through natural sepage. Let me guess your car runs on water and you heat your house with body heat. Bet you drink bottled water from plastic bottles. I wish people who bash would work in the industry first instead of reading news articles or word of mouth for information. accidents happen unfortunatly but they don't happen unless your working. Can't seem to think of any oil company that purposley wants to loose oil. They do their best but it happens get over it.

    • AND just for the record, my wife drives a prius, I ride a motorcycle that gets 55mpg 2 days a week, and ride my bike 3 days a week to work. Not to mention the big one, we have no kids. Which increase your footprint 10 fold. SO what do you do??? You're in Canada right?? How about your fishing laws. You screw the salmon up in BC along with destroy way more trees then we do, you're harping on who??? How about YOUR tar sands?? One of the most polluting processes in the world. You talk about what???? Look in your own back yard. It's a mess.

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