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  • cvdh_2000 cvdh_2000 Nov 17, 2011 8:04 AM Flag

    Cramer: This NATGAS Act Won't Pass

    I don't agree with the issues you promote. I believe fracking is much less severe then MANY of the actions this country promotes.

    WHy don't you compare, just for the sake of it, the number of carcinogens pumped into our air in any major city, just by the diesel trucks, with the number of carcinogens caused by fracking. Or should I say, carcinogens that effect living creatures on planet earth by fracking. ALso, who do you know drinks tap water?? You have to be kidding. It's already poisoned by hypocritical politicians. Hell I live in Cal. THE most hypocritical state in this country. I originally lived in FL, where the sewage treatment plant would use a storm to DUMP 1 MILLION gallons of raw sewage into Key Biscane!!! Go after them, don't go after a process that will actually REDUCE overall pollutants. You are a perfect example of someone screwing everything up for a narrow minded good cause. Something our politicians do ALL the time. Go occupy WallStreet rather than the true culprit, the US government, or primarily the SEC. Give me a break.

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