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  • professor4everyone professor4everyone May 22, 2012 12:17 PM Flag

    For Those Who Didn't Pay Attention

    Gasoline Futures DOWN 1.1 Cents as of now
    Natural Gas Futures UP 9.4 Cents as of now.

    Both going in the WRONG DIRECTION for CLNE now.

    If NG Futures continue to rally, while Gasoline continues to fall........


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    • It is not the politician fault
      They do what the American people want
      The American people want what Greece ,France ,Italy ,Spain want
      Spend and give me more
      I do not now about you but 90% I speak too want a balance budget and cut nothing
      Its easy to blame them
      But till you vote for people who want to spend less is your fault
      It would take a 50% raise in taxes for every one to pay what we have promised
      Its the voter fault ,thats you and I

    • If you look I posted a long time ago how to get ng vehicles and get the economy going
      No subsides on ng electric etc
      Loans by the fed
      Real estate
      25% down
      equal treatment of investors and none
      vehicles,stations ,lng plants,electric grid and pipe to stations and newcular
      25% down with low interest rates
      A 3rd grader could fix this economy
      End socialism and encourage investing

    • "I am totally for ng with out subsidies"
      well rbt. finally some common ground.I keep seeing stuff like "we need the have our back" posted here. personally I feel like everything politicians get involved in gets screwed up. seems like if you buddy says "don't worry man, I got your back" what it means is "don't worry man, I got your back & I won't let anyone blindside you" & when a politician says it, it translates to "don't worry man I got your back,just hang on I'm looking for a good spot to stick a knife in it" JMO

    • Does the news report fairly on clne
      How many times has boone compared the whole sale price of ng to the retail price of diesel
      how many times has he compared the whole sale price of ng in the Us to Chinas retail price
      How many times has he sold his shares will pushing for a subsidy
      All on major news shows
      This is fair reporting?
      How many times has he called for legislation while lining his pockets with warrants and saying he does not care about money and his no 1 concern is ng for the good of America
      In China he would be shot or locked up

    • I try to give a fair look no matter what i own or what I think about a company
      If you look at this site and others such as chng and wprt which I own a lot I give a honest look

    • I owned the stock for years and sold several years ago at 16
      I sold because of management and Boone ripping off investors
      I post to help investors
      If clne was honest about what they say I would not
      I am totally for ng with out subsidies
      And Chesapeake is going to bring it
      They will if have enough money do a lot more than just clne

    • one last question rbt. you say you are not short. your comments are not what we'd expect from someone who's long.
      WHY ARE YOU HERE ????

    • If ng takes off
      a management supply contract or what ever you want to call it
      Will be a lot less per gallon
      So even if ng gets big clne will not make a lot more money because they will have to bid less per gallon
      It shure pays to be a owner and clne is not

    • Just think if Boone and management had taken the 200 million they robbed and use it to own some stations

    • Pilot are the owners in my opinion
      Do you not agree?
      So they choose the best deal they could get
      If they had not gotten a great deal they would have done themselfs
      when 10 year contract over they will do the same
      So was I correct it saying clne is no way an owner
      An owner of pumps is not an owner of the station
      all clne has is a contract,won by being the lowest bidder
      A pure guess
      Ng sells for 40 cents gallon
      They will sell at say $1.50 a gallon on average there
      Clne 55 cents and pilot 55 cents
      pilot only has to pay the electric bill and collect the money at sale
      They already have some one collecting for diesel and will make money at store
      Was it a good move for clne?
      Only choose they had to get ng going
      Yes it will be profitable in a few years
      But will high back office expenses kill them
      just look at them
      Could some one else take over and reduce these?
      But with just management contracts they will pay little

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