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  • wskip99 wskip99 Jun 3, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    A HUGE Oil / Gasoline Glut Is Coming

    Hey Prof,
    As prodution costs for tight oil, oil sands, & deepwater off shore wells skyrocket what do you see happening if oil prices plummet as you keep telling us they will?

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    • Excellent point ! Also US refining capacity will limit down side at the pump and , at a 50 to 1 price disparity between desiel and nat gas, the retail price is irrelevant

      Natural Gas is a game changer for US economy.

      its almost like buying fish at the market vs going down to the river to catch fish yourself.
      It doesnt matter what kind of sale they have at the market.

      Professor BS is trying to point to all worst case scenarios without consideration of any of same possibilities which could go the other way.

      Would waste mgt be making the kind of investment they are if professor dunce was even 1% right.

      While it may be legit to question clnes profitability, timing, structure,mgt float, cash flow or anything of that nature , he then goes into macro economic events which are ue blatantly wrong............and shows his true motive and limited intelligence.

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      • Both Prof's and Fullsail's arguments are one sided...short VS pumper,
        But they each add valuable perspective and information..those are good things.
        Objective info is necessary to make good investment decisions.
        Note that neither oil producing Arab nation is all that stable at present.
        Like NG, US shale oil production from fracking has made a significant difference in market prices. But fracking as an acceptable production technique is hardly in the clear.
        Given a new pipeline, Alaskan NG is plentiful and could be cheap too.

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