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  • atlanticcityusa atlanticcityusa Jul 18, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    CLNE to Build Station in Atlantic City

    This will be the third CNG station in the Atlantic City area. I believe the other two were also built by CLNE.

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    • yes i also believe ng price will rise
      And yes in a lot of clne contracts they get a % of of the selling as a a fee
      But when volume and price of ng goes up they will get less %
      have you forgotten all they are is provider of a service won under a contract
      and when those contracts end they must win again to have

    • Your guessing...but you made one big mistake..In 5 years when we are actually using nat gas cars and trucks, nat gas will rise...Think supply and demand..

    • it would be nice to discuss clne with some one who knows some thing about the stock
      Yes a ng stations is worth 3 to 5 million dollars at a good location
      Thats if you own the land and rights
      Clne as far as I know owns zero
      why did they borrow so much from chk
      To cover the loss from their huge salaries and interest on this loan
      A guess
      To put in the pumps and infrastructure at pilot stations probably a million per station
      Lets look at places like air ports where they did a little more but still just have a contract like pilot to supply ng
      issued more stock to build
      as soon as they where opened and running
      Went to banks and borrowed as much money as they could on profit calculated for the 10 years.these where steady contracts at air ports so they could borrow against
      they had already sold stock to pay for work,and work done
      No interest to pay
      why did they need the money?
      Pay huge back office salaries
      So you they will be profitable when volume is there in 5 plus years
      Their average contract has less than 5 years left on it
      And when volume goes up they will get less per gallon

    • "This investment is not going to pay off in a year or two and most people can't look any further than that down the road."

      That's why I refer to this country as the United States of Instant Gratification. It's also exactly why I view this as an investment..not a trade.Holding.

    • It has nothing to do with huge salaries. It's simple business. If you build a 3-5 million dollar fueling station do you think you are going to turn a profit on that in the first year? Multiply that X 150 stations and that is why they are losing money.

      It's been discussed to no end here but I love the concept of what CLNE is doing but there is no way they will be profitable for 5+ years. The company admits it must build stations in order to convert vehicles. Nobody is going to mass convert trucks with no fueling stations. If you spend $500 million building stations with very little conversions there is ZERO chance of turning a profit until you reach critical mass in the number of LNG trucks. That's not going to happen overnight.

      I have stated many times here that I like CLNE and I purchase the stock from time to time but I also sell when it gets ahead of itself for the simple reason is I don't think the average investor is going to have the patience to see this through. This investment is not going to pay off in a year or two and most people can't look any further than that down the road.

    • Chesapeake said many months ago they would help others open stations ,a lot more stations than clne.
      Of coarse that was befor their latest troubles
      The stations is such a small % of their size ,its nothing
      They have assets they can sell any time
      If they can get ng going than they get more for their gas
      If clne is not the one who does stations and stocks fall than they just can take over clne with the loan
      How strong will their position be when clne can not pay interest?
      So they will not mind if clne fails
      They will get a lot of shares when clne is selling for $6
      About what the company worth and new management brought in
      Of coarse clne management will be given bonuses to leave
      So they will not mind

    • Robert, don't you think Chesapeake should pay off some of their 13 BILLION in debt before they go spending more?
      Shell is PLANNING on building stations. No final agreement yet.

      meanwhile..... CLNE is actually BUILDING stations.& by being first to the party they get their choice of locations.funny how that works ain't it?

      "The only reason others have not done is there is not volume yet"
      there won't be volume 'till stations are built, because truckers won't buy trucks they can't get fuel for. they don't spend that kind of money for yard art! even a third grader should be able to understand that.

    • average annalist
      Shows revenue for next year next year going from 350 to 472
      all say they will still be loosing money
      thats every one of them
      not one says they will be making money
      So are they going to print it to expand
      They will have spent all hey have by next year
      Management and the board will still be doing well
      They will drain the money to the end
      Every year they loose money but still keep giving them selfs raises
      And big ones
      I suppose they and you will blame it on congress not passing a law to subsidies them
      Their huge salaries and bonuses is why they are loosing so much money

    • In case you have not look at what I have said
      After they go through the money they have now
      They will not be able to do any more
      They have lost money every year they have been in business and have no way to borrow to make up what they are loosing every year
      I notice you do not respond to this because you have no answer

    • You think Chesapeake ,pilot or any one in the ng and oil could not do what they do
      You are wrong if you think so
      Thats my opinion
      You cab have yours?
      Chesapeake has already done it at many and plans do do a lot more through others besides clne
      Shekl has plans
      The only reason others have not done is there is not volume yet

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