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  • whassup44 whassup44 Jul 27, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    Tipping Poinit

    Since close to 80% of the float is controlled by insiders and institutions and now that the shorts have the other 20%+, are we at the tipping point of this stock exploding upwards with any news that would drive the volume????

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    • First of all, if you know anything about real estate, it's location,location,location..
      The more WPRT engines are built and bought, the more these stations become more vital, valuable, and critical.
      The transportation act will subsidize states that want a nat gas/lng highway..If we ever get a nat gas act bill, Clne is in the drivers seat. I see many more partnerships, now that everyone not only wants, but NEEDS the nat gas hwy. passing through their town.

    • I have said for a year that $38 is the fair price for wprt
      i think its worth a little more now
      In my opinion Douglas is a long time investor
      So he buys when he wants to
      Does not wprt sales go from 1,000 in the Us to at least
      2,000 this year and 3,000 next year
      Is not Asia going to ng,not huge as in the Us but growing nicely
      This quarter report should show added sales,more than the past
      And is wprt expenses up a lot like clne/
      Not in the Us
      So wprt is not cheap but
      a good long term investment
      He just sees that most other stocks are not going to do well and wprt is
      going to do OK.
      I made a lot in wprt
      Lost all of it in China
      I have some wprt
      I still own the Chinese stock because most have ,2 book
      I have changed to buying nationals their with high book like weicy and the three major oil ans gas if we have a depression and they fall
      I am hoping the the low book will be taken over by the nationals or locals
      sgas looks like it might
      but they are gong to pay maybe .3 book or something very low,so maybe not great investment but it sure sounds like I do not now what I am doing
      In China its what the government lets you make and if you do not now what they will do you know nothing
      Even when I saw them changing profit I did not get out,So I am not smart

    • Robert,

      What do you think Kevin Douglas recent aggressive purchases of WPRT?

    • ng is coming
      and yes in a year or two clne will be selling more per station
      I do not see them making money for years
      Wprt will be profitable in the US this year
      good luck on clne

    • My best WAG is that economics of oil will drive up usage of CNG. Having a cheaper fuel solution (ie CNG) will be an unstoppable force in this economy.

      If CNG usage goes up I am investing in CLNE, hoping that a rising tide will 'float all boats'. Like I often state,,, time will tell.

    • lets look at their last two partnership
      Chesapeake was just a loan
      Clne provided the money ,pilot little
      There is nothing stopping either from never doing a deal again
      As Chesapeake going to lend clne more money?
      Pilot got clne yo invest and they spent little
      Where is clne going to get the money to do that again?
      They will have no money left

    • how can I possible explain to you when you do not now the difference between a public relation bs of 15 years and a contract

    • you didn't even know they had a 15 year deal Mr know-it-all!

    • YOU are the one that was proven wrong robert. maybe once,just ONCE you can admit it!!!

    • Its always the same with you.When proven wrong you name call
      I guess thats what i would do if I was proven wrong so many times
      You have yet to say where wrong on any thing and prove it
      This was a perfect example
      every one but appears knows what they have in the 15 year deal
      How you did not pay for your education,you got cheated

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