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  • sea22hwk sea22hwk Feb 4, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

    Keep Shorting to the $10 level. Very little upside

    After hitting the low $14's a few weeks ago it has been falling like a rock. With more to come. The trend is your friend.

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    • To the 10s? You are a FN Idiot.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You can go way back and the message has been clear. The only ones who gained for the past year were insiders and shorts who acted in concert. Where is management? They may be busy going to the bank. They had no idea or they did not want to grow the company for the shareholders so they decided to compensate themselves throughout the year with lavish compensation and by selling shares. The gas sale is not enough to pay their bonuses. Building new stations alone is not the answer to growth. Any new ways of promoting and inceasing the acceleration of NG as a transportation fuel for all vehicles? NADA. Are they incentivizing the conversions trough BAF so that it becomes more affordable for customers to make the jump and retain them as future user of NG for the life of the car?. The patriotic card they played "for our country" has been sefserving. Boone, do really want this company to become your dream? CHANGE MANAGEMENT!

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