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  • beststocks2own beststocks2own Feb 8, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    I've posted this before...

    I live in Las Vegas and drive by one of the three Clean Energy fueling stations every day. Trust me. Expect a good quarter. I do my own "channel checking".

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    • From the CLNE website, I count 164 locations that are open and 73 not open or still under construction. Of the 73, most appear to be completed but sitting idle when I view the OxBlue website. You can see most of the LNG sites are completely finished with the shiny new LNG tank. From the time lapse on OxBlue, it takes about 10 weeks to complete a station. Not bad. Once the first ISX12s start hitting the highway, CLNE should really take off.

      From CLNE's recent Jan 2013 presentation on the investor page, they state a commodity cost per GGE and DGE of $0.44 & $0.49, respectively. If fed fuel credit is $0.50 per gallon, they would have a net commodity cost near zero in theory. I don't think they collect this on each customer as the entity responsible to remit fuel taxes is due the federal credit....depends on their contractual arrangement.

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    • If the numbers are as good as the last earning report and the internal expenses are as high as the last one , with no improvement on BAF unit, we're going to see new LOWS'.

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      • jwtrice6 Feb 8, 2013 10:17 PM Flag

        What was your take on the surge today, was it the earnings report or was it political policy? There was one sentence by the senator that caught my eye. I think it's time we re-evaluate the policies that we currently have in place and think about what we can and what really should come next. Our potential here is enormous. State of the Union could provide another surge.

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    • Please share your in tel.

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