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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 4, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Dear Motley, do your homework..

    Maybe following the Interstates across america would be a good to trucking company(s) in nearby locations......then talk to truck sales reps.......and then step back, take a deep breath....absorb what you learned from those making a living running trucking companies......and LOOK FORWARD just alittle bit and you might see the very tip of the sun as a new sun rises on the transporation industry.
    This is happening as you wrote your doubtful article on CLNE.
    I know many smaller operators, say 25 to 100 trucks are rotating their fleets every 5 years or less and because the new fleets are worked into over say a 3 year period, the inventory is contantly turning over, if you will.

    The tax benefits and lower maintenance costs of rotating thru new trucks more frequently is driving this phenom.

    There are literlaly thousands of trucks currently out of business in the ports of California because they no longer meet safety and emission requirements. Guess what? Demand for newer or modified trucks is up, way up!
    The big national fleets have two constant issues, driver turn over and MAINTENANCE.....of course all with the back drop of INCREASING/UNCERTAIN fuel costs each year.

    My question for Motley and other skeptics is simple. Do you really think truckers DON'T WANT TO MAKE MONEY? Can YOU imagine the impact on the trucking idustry and ALL THOSE THEY SERVE (which is nearly everyone) when fuel costs are 20% to 30% less than today?

    This is where trucking is headed, with or without Motley!

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    • I reiterate..........." ..Can YOU imagine the impact on the trucking idustry and ALL THOSE THEY SERVE (which is nearly everyone) when fuel costs are 20% to 30% less than today?"

      The equivalent of a second industrial age is headed our way once the keystone pipeline is open, the US begins exporting more FUEL and we see our own ENERGY costs go DOWN!

      The ripple effect of lower fuel costs can not be ignored nor underestimated! Imagine just a 10% savings over todays costs? How about 20%?
      Its coming! All IMHO of course!

      I believe this will lead to an all new manufacuring age and by the way, the markets we can sell products too today DWARFS what our markets were even 20 years ago. Can you say China? India? Russia?
      Lower energy costs will allow for higher wages more consistent with the American way/demands/costs of living.
      Why OBAMA and Democrats choose NOT to lead this new age is beyond comprehension but then hey, when you surround yourself with inbred/street thug intellect.......well, I'll leave it at that.

    • I have listened to the CC and read the MF report. My question to you and to management is: do investors in CLNE like to loose money year after year while management makes a killing at the expense of shareholders? Other than building so many stations (many of them closed) and not profitable what other measure have they taken to reduce expenses and increase the bottom line? Have they taken a reduction in pay, compensation, they are not profitable ? Have they taken the bull in their own hands and increased conversion rate within their acquired BAF unit to increase sales and acceptance of bi-fuel conversions, wait for WPRT to deliver the NG engines in the third Q, or they like to see their unit in idle?. Have they incentivized and made conversions affordable so that the mass is willing to make the switch and the consumer and their stations will be the beneficiary? Have they purchased shares of CLNE in the open market or constantly sold them . Why not buy their own company shares if it's such a great investment? Do they like to contribute and play the political shared going on with our elected politicians? Yes I would like (you) them to answer these questions on the open and to the investors who have put their hard earned money in this company.

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      • great question teach....right now, alot of work is going into perfecting LNG tanks.....evaporation is an issue though not much of an issue in the trucking industry in that the trucks are typically always running.
        To answer your question about comp., I can not say except for this, I want the guys going to bat for me to get paid enough to where it is not only worth their while but also promises more, for more!

        the difference between today and the advent of the AUTO prior to any serious road networks MADE for the auto industry is this, we have a great nationwide road network. We don't want gov't participation necessarily in this effort because the government likes to make the rules when they get involved.
        CLNE and other associated NatGas plays are a risk. Just like microsoft and oracle were when they started. I can't count the number of software/hardware startups that either got bought out or died on the vine along the way.

        The good news about CLNE as I see it is this, they are almost defiant toward not only getting this done, but looking far out into the future for what might be.
        One more thing that will help drive this is the fact the the US auto industry is finally getting up off of their rusting REARENDS and delving into CNG in a more serious way via the DUAL FUEL concept. CNG alone didn't make it, there was no infrastructure, not like there is today, and growing.

        The electric car is obselete in the sense that the power generation for such electric auto's is still largely coal.......transitioning into OOPS....natgas!

        NatGas is not even close to hitting critcial mass yet , if you will, but it is clearly gaining momentum and I expect within the next 3 years, natgas, cng, lng are all going to be commonplace, and as the infrastrucuture rounds itself out.......everyone is going to want to PAY LESS for fuel !!!!!
        Less polluting, better efficiency, more abundant, and it costs less. CLNE is a critical piece of this puzzle going forward IMHO !

      • teach, I have corresponded frequently with the IR dept at CLNE. They are very responsive in their answer. I've gotten the info I need to make a wise decision about CLNE.

        So, call investors relation Tony Kritzer and ask him about your concerns, otherwise your constant blah,blah,blah is geting a little old.

    • well said, motley is a sorry outfit.

    • right! who or what is marten transport. millions of tractors on the road and they pick marten. i could be wrong but i'snt a diesel engine rebuilt about once a year?

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